9 Easy Tricks To Drive More Buyer Traffic To ClickBank Links

It is true that the key to becoming a successful ClickBank affiliate is to drive more buyer traffic to Clickbank links / landing pages, and make more sales in the process. However, the number one mistake that ClickBank affiliates tend to make is to post their affiliate landing page/link all over the Internet, wherever they possibly can. Unfortunately, maximum conversion and sales can only be achieved bringing targeted traffic to the landing page/link. Nonetheless, there are still several ways ClickBank affiliates can catch the attention of their targeted audience and persuade them to click their affiliate link and visit their landing page.

buyer traffic to clickbank links

Create A Quality Authority Niche Website

Unless you already have one, it is very crucial that you create a quality authority niche website. If you want to be regarded as a legitimate affiliate marketer rather than being labeled a spammer, it is important that you have a high quality website containing valuable content. Moreover, you will need to make sure that you mark your ClickBank affiliate links clearly so that they do not fall under black hat SEO methods.

Write Quality Content

Organic search traffic plays a major role in driving buyer traffic to Clickbank links / landing pages. If you maintain an authority niche website with quality content, it will not take long for it to rank high in search engines. You can write the content yourself or get it written by a ghostwriter, as long as the content is not copied or duplicated, or spun. While you can post as much content as you want, posting at least once a week should be enough to keep your website active.

Write & Publish Product Guides

Unless you are only selling eBooks, you can definitely write tutorials that instruct potential buyers on how they can use the product(s) you are selling. Even if you are selling a dietary supplement that is supposed to be used alongside diet and exercise, you can write guides related to diet plans and exercise regimes. Even if people have no intention of buying your product(s) initially, reading your guide(s) could convince them to visit your ClickBank affiliate landing page/link and make a purchase.

Google PPC

Google has an enormous display network that you can gain access to through their AdWords Pay-Per-Click online advertising service. While you cannot use Google ads to directly redirect buyer traffic to your ClickBank landing page/link, you can use them to drive visitors to your niche website. Write and optimize multiple ads for the various keywords you are targeting, so you can find out which ones are the most fruitful.

Facebook PPC

Considering that Facebook is the leading social media website, Facebook’s Pay-Per-Click ads can also bringing in a remarkable amount of buyer traffic to Clickbank links / landing pages. You can also gain deeper insights into the minds of your targeted audience by studying the demographics and their interests. This information can be used in numerous ways.

Use Social Media

Social media websites are readily accessible and are littered with users, so it makes perfect sense to use them. Even if your affiliate niche is a narrow one, it is essential that you take advantage of social media websites like Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. Moreover, Social Media Insights can help you gain audience information that you can mimic for your Pay-Per-Click campaigns and drive more people to your ClickBank landing page/link.

Include Testimonials

It is likely that you are already selling ClickBank affiliate products, but you probably do not send follow-up messages to the buyers a few days later, and ask them about their experiences. If you do not, then you should, and if they appreciate and praise your product(s) in response, you should also ask them if you can post their testimonial on your website. Genuine testimonials will help educate potential buyers about the benefits of the product(s) you are selling, which will make it more likely that they will click your affiliate link. Of course, you can always make up a fake tutorial, but the problem is that modern day shoppers can tell if a testimonial is real or made up.

Build a Mailing List

You probably already know this, and if you do not, well Google neither controls nor indexes private email communication. This is why it is ideal to use an email list to promote your ClickBank landing page/link. A mailing list can also be used for a myriad of other reasons, such as enrolling customers, Facebook growth, further promotions, etc.


There are literally countless ways to drive buyer traffic to Clickbank links / landing pages, however, the above strategies are the least expensive and can help achieve maximum conversion.

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