Tips and Tricks on How to Generate Web Traffic and Leads

The Internet has become a large arena for doing business. People are on the Internet for a variety of reasons, including social, networking, and business. This means potential business traffic for you to tap into to generate web traffic and leads. The leads you generate can then be turned into customers and clients.

generate web traffic and leads

The trick is getting this traffic to flow toward you and your business. How do you do that? What are effective ways to generate web traffic and leads to your business? How do you turn this traffic into leads of interested people who will do business with you? This article will look at some tips and tricks to help you generate web traffic and leads from the Internet.

Paid Traffic Sources

There are several effective paid approaches to generating web traffic. Paid traffic is what you generate by spending money. The most common method of generating paid traffic is through paid ads. The two most common platforms are Facebook and Google.

To create ads for Facebook, you need a Facebook business page. From this page, you have access to the advertising tools and metrics. Setting up the ad is an easy step-by-step process. Follow the prompts and finish the step and Facebook will direct you to the next step. What is difficult is getting the parameters of your ad set up to target the right audience. Also difficult for a beginner is to create an ad that will be an effective lead generator.

As with Facebook, you need a Google account to post your ad on Google. You can create an ad from this platform by following the steps from the navigation panel. Though a little easier than Facebook, there still are a lot of things to keep track of to create an effective paid ad. The main thing with Google is the proper use of Google Adwords. Get these keywords right and you have an effective ad.

You can also pay to post ads on LinkedIn, Twitter, Bing, Yelp, Amazon, and eBay. Often overlooked are online magazines and news websites. Another method to generate traffic and leads is to buy banner ads. With a banner ad, you are charged for the cost of the ad upfront. With platforms like Facebook, ad costs are calculated by the amount of traffic coming to the ad.

One last paid method to mention of generating leads is to buy traffic. This is a handy method of getting leads because a traffic vendor does the work of generating the traffic and provides it for you for a fee. A word of caution, though – be careful who you buy the traffic from. It is easy for unscrupulous vendors to take your money and send you worthless traffic. So when purchasing traffic, go with a trustworthy vendor.

*Paid traffic method tip: Become familiar with your niche keywords through keyword research.

Free Web Traffic Sources

Free traffic is what you generate without spending money. In reality, there is no such thing as free traffic. Even if you don’t spend any money, you spend time doing the tasks to generate that traffic. But like paid traffic, there are many effective free approaches to generating web traffic. Often you can post free ads on the same platforms you do with paid ads.

With Facebook, for instance, you can post information about your business offer for free on your profile newsfeed. People don’t think of newsfeed posts as ads, but if you post information on a specific topic and invite people to contact you about it, that is an ad. The best way to generate traffic is to create a social media following through your non-ad posts and your activity in Facebook groups. Then, when you present an offer in your newsfeed, people will want a part of it. Your newsfeed posting should be partnered with Facebook Messenger. With Messenger, you connect with people and present your offer to them.

This same approach works on LinkedIn. Different platforms have their own nuances, so you need to tailor your content to the character of each platform. You can also generate traffic and leads from sites like Twitter, YouTube, Webtalk, and Instagram. The Internet abounds with social media platform possibilities and new ones are popping up all the time (think TikTok or Clubhouse). Other places to post free (and paid) ads are places like Reddit, Craigs List, Yelp, or online classifieds.

*Free traffic method tip: Position yourself as an authority in your niche through your quality content.

Turning Traffic Into Leads (And Leads Into Customers)

The methods of generating web traffic and leads are limited only by your imagination. With both paid and free traffic methods, you want to create a list. A marketing list is the people who responded to your online activity. These people provided you with their contact information. With this list, you can send email broadcasts that serve to announce what your business is doing, warm people to who you are, and how you can help them.

The emails you send are another source of creating leads and turning these leads into customers. Using an email autoresponder service as a method of generating traffic and leads is both a free and paid activity. The emails you send have no cost but to send them to a list requires a monthly subscription fee to your autoresponder service provider. Autoresponder services include companies like AWeber or GetResponse. Your autoresponder is an essential element of your paid traffic activity. It is synced to your ad platform, directing people to your list and email series when they click on your ad. It is imperative to set up these elements so that the sequence brings the people who take interest in your ad into your sphere of influence.

*Turning traffic into leads and leads into customers tip: Don’t try to sell to people. Instead, show them how you can solve their problems by doing business with you.

We have looked at some tips and tricks on how to get web traffic and leads and generating traffic to your business. When done right, this traffic will become leads for potential customers.

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