At we have a large number of customers and also a very large number of happy and satisfied clients. Now and then we receive honest and unpaid reviews from our customers, mostly pr email. When we receive positive reviews we sometimes ask if we can post the review on this page. So here we are, a page filled with unbiased reviews from real customers.

Customer Product Reviews

2 External Reviews and Customer Testimonials

Johnathan sent us this review:

Here we have gathered real customer realtrafficsource reviews. None of these realtrafficsource reviews are paid reviews – only honest feedback.

Collection of a few reviews

review december 2020



realtrafficsource review june 2015



honest traffic seller

realtrafficsource reviews review review

realtrafficsource review february 18-2012

realtrafficsource reviews

“Received plenty of traffic with several opt  ins.  Thank you!” – Richard, affiliate marketer

“I tracked. I got the traffic.  Now I know that the traffic is real and the sources, I can plan my landing page. Will come back very soon…” – (Jennifer, Clickbank affiliate)

“RTS over-delivered, on time! Great gig, great seller, great experience!” –

“Great Job!!!!  Excellent work!!!!!” – Brenda, Photographer

“Great job… fast and professional service.” –

“This is about the fourth time I’m working with and about to make it a fifth. Very impressive work you do. Thanks. ”

“excellent work..completed ahead of time”

“Nicely done!  This job was delivered exactly as described by the seller.  Thanks!” –

“awesome, thanks for the job well done” –

“Great Job! Thank you.” –

“Aweome. Thank you.” –

“Highly recommended!” – (Sports Site)

“Really happy with this. It was delivered as promised in a timely manner. Great service. ” –
“Thank you for your professionalism and work! I should have just had the regular U.S. visitors because it didn’t dawn on me that someone from another country may not even understand the site:)” – (Andreas, T-shirt shop)

“thanks. just as good as before. I’ll order again.” – (Gift Site)

“This is the first day of my campaign and I have made $4 in affiliate payouts already. Now I’m sure this is quality generated traffic. Thanks a lot!” (Hotel Site)

“Awsome service with good opt-in rates!” (Business Site)

“Good show. Good work. I learnt a new thing or two. I will definately come back to you if neeeded. Thanks.” (Business Site)

“Order delivered as promised…thanks!!” (Money Making Site)

“Thanks. I got the traffic and also some signups. Will tweak my ad and order again. Happy with the service.” – (Affiliate Site)

“Hey I wanna say that you are doing a fantastic job, I am very pleased with the service.” (Fishing Site)

“Delivery did take a little longer than expected but overall I like everything. I have more people on my site in 1 hr than I do in 6 days. I give realtrafficsource two thumbs up! thanks man” – (Gilbert, insurance services)

“Delivered as promised. Much appreciated!” –  (Pet shop)

“”Thanks for the traffic! good gig!” – (Gillie, fashion shop)

“Thanks!  The traffic has been steady each day.  Delivered as promised.” – (SEO provider)

“Awesome seller “A must buy”. – (Ben, auto parts)

“Great and on time…” – (Golf site)

“Delivered as promised and will continue to order from buyer. Great Service.” –

“Delivered as promised. Thank you very much.” – (Car insurance)

“Excellent seller, will order again.” – (Student loans)

“Hello, First I want to thank you for the last package I got from this website it was great! I will be ordering again next month!” – (Lingerie shop)

“We have purchased a lot of traffic in the last couple of months through RTS—we really enjoy doing business with you.  Typically we track the traffic through Google Analytics but we would also like to review the reports that you provide as well.” – Daniel Saporiti, United States

“Great! Thank you so much! The US Traffic is REAL!” – Jennifer

“Good and fast services! will use again” – (home based business)

“Thank you so much for excellent work!” – Jefferson

“good service to use. results are real” – John

“I’m very impressed with you the service real traffic source offers. I will keep using their service for a long time to come. I came to this site looking for a better way to get steady visitors to my site, but what impressed the most is the prompt customer service they have to offer. I never seen this kind quick response in any company online yet.

Online marketing can become a jungle where you can easily get lost, but with real traffic source, you are no longer in a jungle, but real human will help you get your questions answer in a quick in a timely manner. Thanks for your fast response and will continue using real traffic source.” (MLM Affiliate Site)

Other reviews

In addition to the realtrafficsource reviews we have both a Twitter account with many happy customers and a Facebook page with satisfied clients. These are not exactly realtrafficsource reviews but they also represent customers that come back to us for more orders – again and again. We consider these activities as positive realtrafficsource reviews.

There are also some realtrafficsource reviwes here:

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