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Guest Posting – Pros and Cons of Guest Posting (A Complete Guide)

In the world of SEO, guest posting stands significantly – guest blogging or guest posting is majorly applied to boost traffic on the websites and blogs by their owners. Guest posting includes writing content for relevant blogs and websites as a guest writer. Resultantly, you are able to link your blog with the audience of the blog for which you are writing a guest post. This blog-linking offers brilliant opportunities to promote blogs and websites.

Writing a Guest Post:

Writing a guest post isn’t an easy-peasy aspect at all. First of all, you require permission of that blog owner whose blog is going to be utilized by you for the subject of guest posting. For the best outcomes, you need to consider that whether the guest blog is relevant to your actual blog or not – moreover, are you able to write some quality content without distorting the originality of guest blog? Following aspects reflect the credibility and quality of your guest posting:

  • Does your guest post aim the title entirely?
  • Is your content original and flawless?
  • Does your guest post contain citations and references?
  • Is your content directed to the targeted audience?

Don’t forget to mention your credentials in your guest post (if the owner allows) otherwise, mention your name at least. According to Google’s policy, you require original and high-quality content to attract more audience. Your post should be purely search engine optimized. It should carry enough valuable keywords for the targeted audience.

Steps to Become a Guest Blogger:

Starting from scratch, you should always start from the mini blogs and websites. If you are not well-known blogger then famous websites and blogs aren’t going to invite you for the guest posting. Starting from smaller websites would assist you to earn experience in this field and your writing skills will be polished in a pretty decent manner. Stick to the following points if you want to become a famous and successful guest blogger:

  • Choose your niche and stick to it.
  • Quality really matters; no compromises over quality content.
  • Co-operate with other bloggers and website owners.

Pros and Cons of Guest Blogging/Posting

Guest posting is a versatile corner of the SEO world. In this section, various pros and cons of guest posting are going to be enlighten.


A traffic Booster:

Writing guest articles or guest posting grants your more audience and your blog gets published for a greater number of onlookers. It is pretty obvious that writing a guest post in a pretty well-known website/blog will surely grant you some part of audience of that blog.

SEO Tool:

Guest posting is usually referred as a SEO tool. Writing a guest post includes numerous SEO techniques and methodologies which shape your blog entirely perfect for the online world.

A source of Relationship:

Sometimes writing a guest post matches your perspective with the owner of the guest blog. Besides it, guest posting also keeps you in touch with various content writers, social media experts and other bloggers – this connection leads you to the brand-new ways of online learning and blogging.


A Detraction:

Sometimes, using irrelevant and inappropriate content can de-rank your website. According to Google’s policy, low-quality guest posting or guest blogging could lower the publicity of your website or blog. So, if you are planning to go for guest posting then you must consider the quality of content you are going to use. If you don’t edit and publish quality stuff then it can surely damage your online reputation resulting in devaluing your blog.

Hard to fit foreign content:

Another major demerit of guest posting is the fitting of the foreign content. We all know that offering a fresh perspective and genuine ideas is always favorable for your blog but sometimes linking your blog with some other blog can deviate your audience. Copyright issues, online strikes and unwanted hits are some major issues which come up with guest posting. Adding foreign content can raise the chances deviation of audience from the genuine niche of the content or your blog. Moreover, various guest bloggers don’t follow the set of instructions you mentioned – which results in devaluation of content and your public loses interest in your blog.

Devalues your Content Sometimes:

Another major demerit of guest blogging is content syndication. Sometimes, the owners of guest blogs require all the rights to own the content you are writing for their blog – resultantly, their blog can boost up even more than yours. So, if you want to lower the publicity of your blog then you can give all the rights to the owner of guest blog. For this you need to write all of your credentials in your guest post which will direct the readers to your blog or website. If the owner of the guest blog doesn’t allow you for this, leave that blog and search for another.

BUY Premium-Quality Guest Blogging Service from Real Traffic Source

Sometimes, hiring an experience and veteran for guest blogging or guest posting is best for the interest of your website. Because an experienced guest blogger knows all the magical techniques of SEO which will boost up the ratings of your website but hiring a guest blogger isn’t that easy. Many blog owners consider hiring a guest blogger as a hustle. But we assure you that once you come up with an experienced SEO expert and experienced guest blogger then you webpage will surely hit the first page of Google.

Writing a guest posting isn’t easy at all – it includes various methodologies and online techniques to get optimum and targeted results. So, it is not a good option to handover your blog to a noob or unexperienced guest blogger.

Luckily, we are offering premium quality guest posting services. We assure you the following results:

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  • Guest Posting for Targeted Audience.
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What is a backlink and why do I need it?

Backlinks are incoming links to a website or web page. Quality backlinks will get you more organic traffic.

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