Low Cost Website Traffic

5 Top Ways to Attract Low Cost Website Traffic

low cost website traffic

Having a steady flow of website traffic is one of the most effective ways to generate a lot of money from your site. This means that you have to come up with great ways on how to attract high traffic on your website in order to earn more from your website. There are different ways that you can gain more website traffic. Some of the strategies might be expensive, but you do not have to worry because there are also ways that you can attract low cost website traffic. Here are some of the methods you can use.

Join online forums and communities

This is a strategy that requires your time and nothing else. You get to share expertise and knowledge with several online communities as well as your site. It is possible to get free advertising when you attend the forums with similar subject or field like your website. Make sure you share your ideas on forums and let them recognize your professionalism with the subject. This will help you build your site reputation making it to be trusted by many people, which will go a long way in attracting low cost website traffic.

Exchange links

This is a proven and sure way you can attract low cost website traffic. It is hard to come across a website that does not have links to another site. A lot of webmasters are more than willing to exchange links with other in order to produce more public awareness about their websites. When you link to other sites, you experience increase of traffic that comes from other websites. To ensure that you get the desired results, you should only exchange the links with sites in your own niche. By exchanging links, you also increase chances of attaining high ranking in major search engines which will help your site get more low cost website traffic as a result of high level exposure. This occurs because search engines rank high websites with outbound and inbound themed related links.

Traffic exchange

Traffic exchange is just like exchanging links, but at a higher level. This cost more than just that trading or exchanging links, but it could be cheaper because at the long end you get more credits. You can make use of the credits when you view others traffic, while you also earn credits when other people view yours. Traffic exchange services involve viewing other websites or pages. This is done in the opposite way where other sites can use your content and you can use their content too.

Create a newsletter

This might sound like a lot of work because of all the articles you might need to use to develop a newsletter, but this is not the case. You do not have to worry because there are many websites and writers ready to offer you free articles as long you put their name on your newsletter. They also offer free advertising for them. As the newsletter gets around, your website gets more exposure and build on new visitors who can visit your website regularly. Set the duration by which you will be publishing the newsletter. It should not be so often to avoid burdening your readers. You can decide to be publishing a newsletter fortnightly or monthly to allow your readers to read them and understand the information provided.

Write and submit articles

There are several online encyclopedias and e-zines in the internet which offer free space for articles for submission to attract low cost website traffic to your website. If you want to save money, you can write the article by yourself. There are also many freelance writers who can write for you for a small fee, but in order to save it is good to do the writing by yourself. When writing the articles, make sure that they are themed along your website niche. Write something that you have a lot of knowledge, so that your readers will find them relevant. This will motivate them to visit your website regularly as they seek for other informative articles.

To get the best results, write articles that offer guidelines and tips to the niche or subject on your website. At the end of your article include a resource box that can link the readers to your website. Write something about yourself and your website too. If you have interesting articles, your readers will to your website as they look for more articles.

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