Increase Traffic To Blog Pages, Sales Pages And Web Sites

Last updated August 30, 2022: Among the best parts of having a blog is letting everybody know about it. Whether you blog to advertise a business, flash your finest poesy or share pics of your craftsmanship with the humankind, it is crucial to have other people recognise that your blog is there. If no-one knows about your blog, you can’t get the full benefit of it being online.

increase traffic to blog pages

Feel disappointed when you see the crushed number of visitors visiting your blog? Do not cave in yet, let me hand you the key to your Lexus, I mean to increase your blog traffic … There are a a couple of tips that you can apply to acquire traffic fast!

Here is our 6 finest tips to increase traffic to blog pages:

What’s Hot?

You do not want to be discussing Ray Romano once people have marched on to Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber. Consequently, keep an open eye on all those issues that are under spicy debate in the blogosphere community so that you don’t seem to be out-of-date.

Use articles to increase traffic to blog pages

Compose articles on a consistent basis maximizing your chances of traffic and back links to your web site giving it a lot of authority in the search engines.

Cast an online community

It could be an online message board, bulletin board or chatroom. Once people get involved in your community they’ll on a regular basis return to communicate with other people.

Video and Graphics

Adding video on your internet site draws in users, so if it’s possible for you to produce videos create it and distribute it on video hosting places like YouTube, Vimeo etc. In the video description you can bring up your micro site URL, use embedded video code on your blog and write fascinating and related post that pulls in users. Good artwork feeds interactivity and attract users, therefore add pictures in your blog post. Use of images and video with prime content helps you to let the users come and read your blogs over and over again.

Post to local classified websites

Void spamming, abide by all rules and post tempting material to draw in visitors to your website. Craigslist and Kijiji are my two favorites.

Buy targeted website visitors and increase traffic to blog pages

It’s best to buy web traffic through respected sources, for the reason that it will assure that you aren’t scammed out of your own hard-earned money. An intensifying volume of targeted visitors to your primary website make sure that enough people will view what you’re offering, and these site visitors could convert into possible clients when you’re promoting the correct service or product and have the right price. The finest way to do this would be to buy website traffic.

If you are having problems attracting visitors to your site, you might wonder if you should buy web traffic. Naturally, there are 2 schools of thought here; the first considers that there are so many free ways of pulling in traffic that there’s no need to pay for it and the opponent which preaches saving time and effort and just pin money on acquiring visitors.

There are heaps of internet business winner stories which is encouraging to know, but regrettably, there are plausibly millionfold as many failures. How come so many businesses die when there are piles of customers out there; people using the internet who are seeking a solution to one problem or another.

The answer is traffic

If you had a shop, you’d need clients to come in and browse your products. In the world of the internet, “traffic” is the equal to your drop in prospective customers and the more people who come and have a look, the greater the potential for sales. Not everybody will take you up on your sales offer at their 1st visit, but if your site is appealing and easy to navigate, then they may well bookmark your site and get back.

The secret here is to pick out a search term which will attract buyers instead of browsers; for instance you could use “baldness” as your search term if you’re selling wigs but that would attract anyone who wanted information on baldness. Go for long tail keywords and use Google’s free keyword tool to find valuable and useful search phrases.

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  8. Johnson says:

    Traffic provides the desired and instant results according to your requirements. You can expand your business and gain new customers globally from various countries.

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  10. Kokea says:

    I totally agreed that if you what to rocket your site to top of google ranking. Pay traffic is the only way to go about it, less work and can improve your ranking in few days.
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    • Rick Hanson says:

      Hi Enstine! Absolutely, great content can get you good traffic. But a traffic strategy should involve both free / search engine traffic, paid traffic, backlinks, social media traffic, press releases, traffic from forums etc. Dont limit yourself to only one traffic source, but get traffic from as many sources as possible.

      Our traffic is real, and its not just “traffic” but its “targeted traffic”.

  12. Anurag says:

    Hi Rick,
    Good tips and still the best way to increase traffic is to increase the posting frequency as it works like charms because the search engine giant Google loves to index high quality fresh content always. And commenting on comment luv enabled high traffic blogs also works like charm.

    Thanks for the share.

    • Rick Hanson says:

      Hi Anurag! Agree with you very much. Lots of relevant posts targeting long tail keywords can be very effective if you’re looking for search engine traffic. Commenting on high traffic blogs with comment luv is a trick i have used for a long time – and it works very well.

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