Get Real Human Traffic To My Parked Domain

Get Real Human Traffic To My Parked Domain

Aside from purchasing and dealing domain names, one can likewise make money by parking domain names. URLs can be monetised and non-monetised. Under monetised parked domains, related ads are shown on landing pages for the functions of returning revenue. A non-monetised parked domain is used just for displaying an “under construction” web site message.

Several people are bringing in cash merely by parking domains on the internet. There are websites which offer domain name parking services. These sites fill landing pages of these domains with their own content and also place Google AdSense and additional advertisings. Whatever income is earned from these ads is shared with domain owners.

Get real human traffic to my parked domain

One of the targets of having domain names can be simply to park it someplace for showing ads without adding content or doing anything else. There could not be a lot of revenue that could be made from this. But if you own a large number of domain names, minor sums earned separately can make you a respectable amount of money.

The wonderful thing about domain parking is that it can be made without spending too much effort. Given a choice between working on a domain to make money and not working on a domain and still making money the answer is obvious. Domain parking allows you to easily earn money through your parked domain. This is a sweet option that does not require much work as compared to creating your website or vending domains.

Most registrars, such as Godaddy, offer domain parking for you where they will populate your page with ads that are related to the subject of the domain name. These ads are often updated and keep the page from becoming stagnated in the eyes of Google. Another service that offers domain parking solely for the purpose of generating revenue through ads is Sedo. They have been around a while and offer reputable domain parking services.

Now getting traffic to the page is the tricky part. If the domain you have is a misspelling of a popular domain, quote, or phrase, you may receive a fair amount of traffic to the domain. It could be something like On the other hand, if you have purchased a domain that expired and already had traffic through backlinks and search engines then you could potentially receive a large amount of traffic. If the domain name is a popular keyword that has good search volume but low competition then you could also receive some traffic. If the domain name is some made-up word or phrase you and your buddies came up with then it is unlikely that you will see much traffic.

Web Traffic Strategies:  Targeted Traffic To Parked Domains

You can attract free traffic to your parked domain without too much hassle. The nice thing about domain parking is that it can be scaled well and it allows you to make good money from thousands of different domains. Even though this is something that should attract you the simple truth is that newcomers to this way of generating money do not understand what is involved as far as domain parking goes.

To get traffic, you must first of all understand what domain parking is. Simply put it involves allowing parking companies to display their advertisements on your domain. The parking company enters into a deal with major search engines to use their advertisement feeds. Then when somebody clicks on these adds the advertiser pays out some money to the major engines, which in turn will share part of their earnings with the parking company, which in turn gives you a share.

Secondly, you also need to understand a few other things. Remember that the parking company will not give you its permission to do anything that will allow you to get real human traffic to my parked domain. If you send traffic to a parked page then you will be infringing on the deal made with the parking company. The major engines want to place their advertisements in those places which they have no control over traffic. Thus, recycling traffic is not allowed.

Parking works when the domain has pre-existing traffic. Success as far as getting traffic to your parked domain comes only when you understand that success only comes from parking when you own the domain and it gets natural traffic. If the domain does not get any traffic then there is no chance that you can earn any money. It also pays to understand that parking does not mean that you get traffic to the domain. Instead, it is about earning money from the pre-existing traffic.

Thirdly, you will need to research the domains that already get traffic. Domains that do not get traffic are not worth anything and so there is really no need for you to park them. In fact, you should not park these domains as doing so can result in UDRP. This happens when the wrong advertisement appears on your domain.

Thus, getting traffic to a parked domain requires that you indulge in some trial and error work. You should know what keywords pay the best in a particular domain niche. Test these keywords to find out which ones work the best for your domain. Domain parking involves quite a high degree of risk but the rewards that you reap are also very high, which is why you should try and use it to your advantage.

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