8 Best Traffic Sources For Blogs

Traffic is blood and life of the Internet. Traffic is the steering force of any thriving online business. There are a multitude of channels via which traffic can arrive on your blog or site. A few of these are standard channels whilst some are unconventional and comparatively new which were non existent several years back. Listed here are some well-known traffic sources for blogs.

traffic sources for blogs

Organic Traffic

Search engines are undoubtedly among the greatest traffic sources for blogs. Subject to your niche, size and age of blog archive, your natural traffic share can vary anywhere in between 35% to 85%. As your tail becomes long, your traffic from natural sources expands dramatically. Slowly this traffic gets consistent sending qualified traffic to your blog. Getting consistent search engine traffic means take care of the following key things whilst creating content.

  • Relevant and quality
  • Content consistency
  • No duplicate copies
  • Easily indexable
  • Search engine friendly

Social Media

After the search engines, social media websites are the second most common traffic-pulling sources. On a great day your web 2 . 0 traffic could be as much as two to four times of your regular organic traffic.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is increasingly become a popular method of traffic building especially during this period of Penguin and Panda period. Big articles directory like Ezine Articles and selfgrowth.com could send handsome traffic over long time period. Another benefit is back-links whenever you distribute an article.

Blog Comments

Frequent commenting not only works as traffic sources for blogs but also builds relationships. The trick is to be the 1st one to briefly comment on a high-traffic blog and observe how many readers you’ll receive. If this post runs viral then it’s icing-on-the-cake. Usually commentators have the inclination to have a look of links of the 1st couple of comments. The higher you’re on the ladder, the more the visits you’re certain to receive. Ensure that you leave a beneficial comment so as to get maximum reward from it.


Once your blog produces decent readership, you’ll see links to the blog showing up on blogrolls of various blogs. Often bloggers add a link voluntarily and in some cases in trade of a link. No matter what is the situation, they generally do help in redirecting some traffic over participating blogs.

Discussion Forums

Get involved with like minded individuals in discussion forums/boards and you’re bound to get more traffic through your entries and referrals.Here I must insist on the choice of forums where you’re going to play a role. Although there`re some very high-traffic forums, but sadly they’re filled with spam.You can look on google various discussions focused on your niche and subscribe.

Feed Aggregators including (Email + RSS)

“Feed subscribers ” are excellent traffic sources for blogs, specially for repeating visitors. Usually, feed click-through-rate is dependent on variable situations. If you’re providing complete feed to subscribers, visit clicks will normally be much low compared to partial feeds. Further more it’s a trade off between more visits vs good subscriber- retention-rate.

Guest Blogging

Good bloggers know the power of guest blogging. Guest blogging is an effective way of building qualified traffic to your blog. Make a habit of posting at least one guest-post weekly to a blog/site in identical niche and you’ll notice an increase in traffic.

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