What Is Affiliate Marketing And How To Get Traffic

When you market products or service of other companies via different types of marketing methods not limited to online marketing, video marketing, article marketing, SEO, joint venture or any other method of promotion and you receive a commission check for every sale, it is known to be affiliate marketing.

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing can be both easy and complicated based on your knowledge. If you go under a professional affiliate marketing training, then it becomes a lot easier to earn online with the help of affiliate marketing. For example, if you are an affiliate of ebay.com and when you place your affiliate banner provided by eBay on your website and someone clicks on the banner which leads them to eBay and if the customer buys something you get paid a handsome commission for it.

With the help of affiliate marketing, you don’t have to have your own product or worry about customer service or after sales service. Just send the buyer to the merchant’s website and get yourself a commission.
There are many different forms of affiliate marketing:

  1. CPS (Cost Per Sales) – In this method you get paid whenever someone buys something from your affiliate link.
  2. CPA (Cost Per Action) – In this method visitors don’t have to buy anything, they have to perform some actions like providing email ids, downloading software, etc and you get paid for that action.
  3. CPL (Cost Per Lead) – There are many merchants who pay affiliate for leads. In this method you don’t have to worry about the sales.

There are many good affiliate networks on the Internet like www.clickbank.com, www.cj.com, www.shareasale.com and so on. These networks have their own terms and commission packages based on the advertisers. ClickBank pays anywhere between 40% and 80% as commission, for example.

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