Get More Web Traffic To Any Website (8 Tips That Will Help You)

Visitors are highly important for the success of a website – a site is worthless if it does not attract visitors, regardless of how well designed it is. Fortunately, there are several simple, effective and free ways to increase traffic, and here you will find 8 tips on how to get more web traffic quickly and efficiently: get more web traffic

1. Upload SEO Content Only!

SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization, a practice that aims to help a website attract more visitors than it normally would. In a nutshell, SEO content is more likely to attract visitors given the fact that Google and other search engines see it as relevant content, therefore it will be posted among the top results in the search engine results page. SEO principles change on a constant basis, but the main rules are the same: the keyword must appear in the title and several times throughout the content and all the media files must have the keyword in their description.

2. A Closer Look At Link Building

Link building is undoubtedly one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get more traffic and attract visitors to any website. Although it is not the most time-effective method, it is certainly worth it and any website owner can enjoy the benefits of link building in the long run. Basically, this method is done in several different ways: through article submission to various article directories (the article body must contain a link to the website), by submitting comments on posts found on sites from the same niche (and inserting the link to the website in the “Website” field) or by getting a mutual link with another website from the same niche.

3. Make Use Of Social Networks

Social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter, are highly important nowadays: millions of people all across the world are using them, this is why they have a great potential to generate traffic. The traffic to a particular website can be easily increased by adding social network buttons on it, buttons which allow visitors to like or distribute the content. This way, the website goes viral and it attracts a large number of visitors.

4. Build Your Social Identity

As a website owner, you must focus on building your social identity. This tip is somehow related to the above-mentioned tip, but it is still different from some points of view. Basically, in order to attract visitors and increase the popularity of your website in the online environment, you should open accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linked In, Digg and such. Distribute the content yourself and encourage others to distribute it as well.

5. Focus On Design

The design of the website is highly important when talking about how to get more web traffic – in order to become popular, a website must look professional and be usable. Visitors are very likely to leave a website if it is difficult to use, therefore focus on placing the most important content where the visitors can easily access it. Sites with boring, overused templates are redundant and visitors do not consider them to be trustworthy, therefore they are unlikely to share them with their friends. A site that has an impressive, professional design makes a great impression – after all, you only have one chance to make a good first impression!

6. Provide High-Quality Content

This is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects when it comes to building traffic. Google algorithms are changing constantly, and the latest Google update gives more credit to original, meaningful content. In other words, a website must provide top-notch, unique, informative content that will benefit the reader. Nonetheless, the content must be written for humans, not for search engines!

7. Fresh Content Is The Key To Success

Google loves fresh content – if you upload new content on a regular basis, Google will analyze it and index it a lot faster than it normally would. Consistency is the secret: upload content two or three times a week and keep your visitors updated – this way, they will come back for more. If you only update content once a month, Google will need considerably more time to index it and visitors cannot access it right away.

8. Engage The ReaderAnd Get More Web Traffic

It is highly recommended to reply to comments left by visitors, especially if they have any questions or they need advice. This way, the site owner will build a connection with his visitors, which means that they are very likely to return to that particular website in the future and even rcommend it to others. Reply to all comments and e-mails, and you may even use surveys or polls to keep your audience engaged. Establishing a connection with the audience is of utmost importance! In conclusion, these are 8 efficient hints on how to get more traffic. If used properly, the tips mentioned above can quickly build traffic and attract loyal visitors.

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    • Rick Hanson says:

      Hi Martyn! You should definately take a closer look at services that can increase the “social traffic” to your websites. Both Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have a great potensial for generating visitors and leads.

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