Exploring Top Web Traffic Sources

If you are a marketer or have a brand new business, you will need a high converting source of traffic to attract buyers. Besides, if there is one thing you should know about website traffic, is that it is not the traffic or volume that supports a web business but the quality of the web traffic. Keep this in mind as you go through the roundup below, and more importantly as you set up your top web traffic sources online.

top web traffic sources

Affiliates As Top Web Traffic Sources

In case you have a new business and don’t any relationships with customers, you need a strong converting source, and in this case – Affiliates. Get affiliate traffics means that you should use sites like Share a Sale, Clickbank, and Commission Junction.

You can also build your own affiliate program using the Infusionsoft, 1Shipping Cart or any other e-commerce systems that have the affiliate technology built in.

Build an Email List

Email is one of the best social channels for conversing with your target audience. It commands the attention of most people on a daily basis, boosts engagement, and promotes business results. Email has an approximate of 3.31 percent conversion are and this outperforms social media and search by far.

Besides, you should keep in mind that effective email return rise does not happen in a fortnight. You have to be patient and you will see the results after a while.

High-quality Guest Posts For The Authority Blogs

Recently, Google have been penalizing spammy guest posting with low-quality content. So you have to make sure that your guest post is of great quality to get traffic. We have all seen bloggers drive incredible referral traffic and build a successful business from guest posting referral traffic. It is a great way to get organic traffic this way.

Quality is paramount to generate traffic to your content. So if you are short of time, you rather rely on quality than quantity. Also, make sure you spend a little extra time to create a content upgrade for all your guest posts. It helps in collecting more emails related to your content or services offered.


StumbleUpon provides a unique platform. It’s one of the paid top web traffic sources which doesn’t need the client clicking on a link or an ad. This platform drives your audience directly to your site’s landing page. It requires you to pay per unique visitors.

Your website is placed in the relevant contexts and is grouped with websites that have the same interests.

StumbleUpon guarantees engagement all time.


This is one of the best free web traffic sources. Getting your videos ranked well on Google is a traffic goldmine and just one YouTube video alone, there’s more than enough traffic to generate clients to your page.

It is simple to make videos and if you’re willing to put in initial work of optimizing your business videos, and a few extra steps, you can get incredible traffic.

Facebook Ads

Some marketers do not like the idea of paying for traffic in form of banner ads or paid services. If you are one of them, you can get frustrated with the diminishing organic Facebook reach. If you are having a few fans on your page, you’ll definitely get only a few customers or nothing at all for your business.

This means you will need to invest in the Facebook Ads. Paid Facebook Ads can tremendously boost your email list growth. This is because there are specific demographic targeting options.

Furthermore, you can also A/B test various text and images in your banner ads.


Reddit features a flexible platform which has the potential of reaching 114 million users. Reddit ads start at $0.75 CPM each, with a minimum of $5. Furthermore, Reddit provides genuine engagement among a passionate community of people. It is a fantastic way to gain traffic to your company.

You advertise your business by creating promoted posts which can reach the audience you desire. You can use a link that redirects clients to your URL or use text which is an embedded message of your choice that redirects members to the comment page of your content or promotion.


Infographics are images that inform, entertain, and advertise at the same time. Creating an infographic from scratch can take a lot of your time and need skills, but once it goes viral, you will have the best wave of web traffic for your promotion.

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