Top Traffic Sources 2012

When you have designed and implementing your new website, is not the time to sit back and think you are done. The primary reason for having a website is to reach people more conveniently and provide them solutions.

top traffic sources 2012

People that visit your website create what is termed as ‘traffic’ to your website, it is important to understand where your traffic is coming from to employ appropriate strategies concerning your target market. In the technology industry things keep on evolving, that is why the top traffic sources 2012 are not the same ones as those that were there ten years ago. There are some factors that will contribute towards what your traffic sources will be, what people do when visiting your website, these factors include; visitors, visits and page views.

Visits are the number of times a website is visited not regarding repeat visitors, page views are the total number of pages that are visited in a website and visitors is the actual number of visitor that visit your website. The number of visits and page view increases even though the same people view the site repeatedly however the number of visitors will not increase unless new people access the website.

The following are top traffic sources 2012 : Search Engine, Direct traffic, Referrals.

Search Engine – Traffic from search engines is the free traffic visiting a website looking for answers for a specific question. For a website to be visible after a question has been submitted to the search engine, Search engine Optimization has to be carried out (SEO), the aim of SEO it to ensure that a websites receives as many visits from the search engines as possible.

Direct Traffic – These are visitors that are brought to a website direct links, these links can be put directly into the browser, placed inside blogs or articles.

Referred links – These links originate from other websites with links to a website placed inside blogs, articles or even adverts.

The top traffic sources 2012 are Referral links; Referral links are the foundation for online referral marketing. Referral marketing includes Solo Ads, Ad Swaps, Guest Blogging, Forum Marketing, Social media, Paid advertising, Affiliate Traffic and this where comes in. To leverage traffic from these sources requires a lot of effort, for instance to get links to your website from well ranked blogs requires that you post in those particular websites.

There are plenty of ways that one can get referrals but all of it requires diligent work. In such a case a lot of time will be used chasing traffic sources instead focusing on your service. Here we remove all that necessity to engage various techniques that will take you some time to learn and use. Here we will make it all easy for you because we have all the top traffic sources 2012 targeted just for your market. We remove the need for you to have to look for those sources and instead deliver the traffic to you leaving you enough time to focus on more important business matters of how to grow your business.

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