How To Get Guaranteed Targeted Traffic On Your Website

Guaranteed Targeted Traffic Guide

Most business owners tend to get a website and become very ecstatic about it. They tell about it in their friend circle and expect to get lots of traffic and sales out of it. Unfortunately, with number of websites increasing day by day and competition getting severe, it is not that easier anymore. There are so many websites on the Internet today. In fact, numerous websites are launched everyday, making it difficult for the visitor to make the right selection. If Internet has given people lots of information, it has also shortened their attention span. Any individual visiting your website wouldn’t think twice before leaving it, if he is not able to find what he was looking for. This makes it highly important for the website owners to have guaranteed targeted traffic on their websites, if making sales is the primary motive of the website.

Keeping that in mind, here are the five trusted-and-tried methods that can bring guaranteed targeted traffic to your website:

1. Pay-per-click (Google AdWords)/Paid Traffic Sources

Without a single iota of doubt, this is the best method to bring guaranteed targeted traffic to your website. By spending just small amount of money, you get instant traffic which you can always keep track of through Google Analytics. For those who are just starting with pay-per-click, it is necessary to set a daily budget for some period. Once you have figured out the keywords that bring you maximum sales, drop those that do not look profitable. This makes it possible for you to increase your daily budget, as you are running your ads on just the keywords you can bank upon.

Or you could search for a reliable and trusted traffic provider who has been in business for a long time and specialises in traffic delivery.

2. Article Marketing

You can start with writing informative “how to” articles and submit those to the article directories such as and Such articles are very useful for the customers who are looking for something specific. Make sure to not to sell anything and remain informative throughout the article. Also, do not forget to include the link to your website in ‘about’ section. Article marketing is one of the oldest and most popular way of bringing guaranteed targeted traffic to your website.

3. Marketing Forums

Try to find forums your customers look for information and refer to. For instance, if your business is related to fishing, you can search for forums that are based on fishing. Spot a relevant forum that seems to have your target audience and use it to post valuable information. Let the forum’s audience know that you are an expert and your product or website can be useful for them. Define your signature and put a link to your website whenever you make a post. Marketing on forums is the fastest way to bring guaranteed targeted traffic on your website.

4. Sponsored reviews and blogs

Sites like Technorati and BlogCatalog feature blogs related to several industries. You can browse through relevant blog posts and check if the audience they have is relevant to your business. If the blog fits the needs of your business, you can ask the blog owner to do a sponsored review for you.

5. Mailing lists to create database of loyal readers

Having a powerful mailing list is a must for any blog. The customers in mailing lists want to hear more from you and are usually very loyal towards your business. They are also a constant source of guaranteed targeted traffic for your website. These are the people who read your blog posts, like it, recommend it to others and want to stay updated whenever you have something new on your website.

What more you can do to get guaranteed targeted traffic?

You can start building a nice app for email subscription so that your loyal followers are notified as soon as something new is launched on your website. The number of subscribers in the mailing list plays an important role in bringing targeted website traffic.

One bonus tip:

Steal the customers!

This is a well trusted method of bringing guaranteed targeted traffic to your website, which can be applied both online and offline. Powerful and cost effective as well if you know the trick. All you have to do is to find customers of various businesses that are related to your’s. If they are using a particular product manufactured by that business, they can use yours too. This is called cross-selling of the products. For instance, if you are in a business of selling fishing rods and baits, you can contact the companies which are selling fishing books or swimming suits. You can ask these companies to promote your website for some time. You can also inquire about if they are willing to showcase your website and products in their newsletter. You can also ask them to share customers’ list who might be interested in your products. As a goodwill gesture, you can also take turns in promoting their products to your customers. Just make sure to draft and put an opt-out box for those of your customers that do not want to subscribe to the newsletters promoting some other business.

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