Traditional, But Useful Methods Of Traffic Generation

Generate Traffic From Blogging

Blogs are a wonderful way of getting traffic and building relationships – either with your own blog or through other peoples.

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Blog Commenting

This is one of my personal favorites and it works extremely well. Visit other blogs in your niche and then add comments to posts which you feel you can contribute to (this can be a question, challenge, feedback, or an addition to the post). The secret is to make your comments engaging and thoughtful, and then include a link in the box provided back to your website. The chances are you’ll already know some popular blogs in your niche, but if you don’t then they’re easy to find using Google.

Another good strategy is to find posts which appear to be popular (posts which already have a lot of comments) and add an additional one. The reason for this is that people keep coming back to these posts and you can find yourself getting traffic back to your sites YEARS after the original post was made. The best piece of advice I can give with blog commenting is to simply join in the conversation. Add your own personal thoughts to the original post and try to make your comments interesting and worth reading.

Don’t just post one liners (e.g “great post”) as this is boring and people will see through the fact that you’re only doing it to advertise your website and get your link on there. Post an intelligent response to the original post and people will start to think “this person is worth checking out”.

Get Traffic From Forums

Forum marketing is an excellent way to generate traffic for free, whilst once again boosting your reputation and making you seem like an expert in your field. Get it wrong however and you may find yourself being banned from the forums quite easily, but get it right and in my experience you’ll see some pretty good results. Forum marketing is a great traffic generation method. Not only can you get good backlinks from your keyword rich signature, you will also get lots of curious people clicking through your signature link, and it opens up many
opportunities to network with people.

  • First, you need to determine your niche and find appropriate forums to join. You want to find ones where posts are made on a regular basis, so don’t bother with any that haven’t had any new posts in the last week.
  • Be sure to read the forum rules, as most have their own specific policies and they can vary greatly from forum to forum. If no signatures are allowed, then I would probably avoid the forum, unless it was very busy and could be used for networking purposes.

  • Create an interesting signature that uses your main keywords and your unique selling proposition to direct people to your website. Always check the forum rules, as it may be that you are not allowed to have a signature until you have x number of posts. It is good to put some thought into what you want to convey in your signature. If you can make it attention grabbing but not ‘salesey’ then you should get plenty of clicks.

Article Marketing With a Twist

Ask any internet marketer how they generate their traffic and there’s a pretty good chance that article marketing will be somewhere on the list. It’s the old classic – yet these days a lot of people know that article marketing is not as effective as it used to be. So, putting your articles on a site like is not really using them to their full potential. It’s still worth doing this, but I have found you get better results through something called….

….Content Syndication Article Marketing

What is this? Quite simply, you submit your articles to popular websites and blogs in your niche that accept articles. So, if you are looking to get more traffic to a site on finance, submit your articles to one of the top websites in that field. If you have a blog about something, then find the top site or blog about the same subject and submit your articles to that.

Fast and Furious Backlinks and Traffic From Press Releases

Press releases are great for getting numerous backlinks and traffic to your website fast. It’s a technique I have used numerous times to great effect – yet not many people in the internet marketing world are doing it! Just be sure to pick a good keyword for your press release, using the keyword research method described later on in this report, and make sure that your press release is actually NEWSWORTHY – which in my opinion is the most important thing. Ask yourself why somebody would be interested in your press release. If it’s all about your product or your company then chances are that people won’t be. The advice offered here can help you get onto the first page of Google News with ease, but first, let’s look at the benefits of getting onto Google News:

  • A press release on Google News will send you a lot of traffic, and there is also the potential that a journalist could pick up your news story and help you spread it internet wide.
  • Your press release will be indexed all over the place. This is not only Google, but Yahoo, Ask and a whole selection of other search engine bots.

  • Google News will get you great link juice from submitting your press release to them. There are also lots of websites that syndicate Google News, so the potential for great backlinks and traffic is huge.

  • To get the best results from your press release bear the following in mind:

    – Make sure your story is interesting and newsworthy

    If you want your press release to spread around the internet then make sure your story is something people will be interested in – don’t make it a blatant advertising ploy.
    – Include the key information in the opening paragraph
    If you don’t grab the readers attention in the opening paragraph then the chances are they won’t bother reading any further. Include as much information about the story – who, what, when, where, why – in the opening paragraph.
    – Only use one keyword per press release
    This will mean that your press release is focussed and targeted to a specific keyword that people will type in to search and find out about you. If you want to target a number of keywords, then write one press release for each keyword.
    – Your keyword must appear in the title
    This rule must always be followed as it is a vital part of SEO. If your keyword does not appear in the title then it will be difficult for people to find your release. When your keyword appears in the title, it stands a good chance of getting ranked on other search engines as well.
    – Put your keyword in the first and last paragraphs
    This is another SEO tip, as search engines put a lot of weight on a keyword if it’s mentioned in the extract, introduction and last paragraph. Also try to make sure that there is a keyword density of about 3 to 5%.
    – Always have a call to action in your press release
    Make sure that you have a call to action in your press release, as this is part of the dual purpose of a press release – to get backlinks and just as importantly visitors.

    The following are some press release submission sites which should get you indexed fast and onto Google News within 24 hours:

    View this article:

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