Free Web Site Promotion And Publicity…Why Not? 8 Hot Tips

What is free web site promotion? Is that even possible?

Of course yes! Nowadays, your website can get huge traffic in no time thanks to free website promotion.

How does this free web site advertising go anyway? What are things to be done? Here are 8 simple, useful tips and tricks, and they will all get you web traffic for free:

free web site promotion

1. Enlist your website

Search the hottest Internet directories and enlist your site there. This is the most painless and most effective free web site promotion tactic. Start with this step and the rest of the good things will follow.

Just don’t forget to prep your website and make it all dolled up for a higher chance to get admitted in your directory of choice.

2. Know your forums

One reason why forums are made is for free web site promotion for everyone. Log in, post actively, let them know about your site in every post and you draw in instant visitors right there.

3. Compose a press release

Release your writing process and start up a press release that advertises your site! This is a free web site promotion manoeuvre that you can do anytime. Type a brief paragraph or two and email it to your friends, colleagues, internet e-zines, newspapers and other media and massive traffic will come to you without delay!

4. Be friendly online

Free web site promotion means you need to be friendly to other webmasters. Why, you ask? So they can link to you immediately! Establish contacts and never get tired of link requests and exchanges.

5. Write an article

Let’s say your website is about your travel agency. Write an article about the perks of traveling or the most red-hot travel spots in the world. On the closing paragraph, mention your website in passing. This article works as an advertorial and duplicates as a free website promotion approach. Contact relevant web owners and ask if they’re willing to publish your article.

6. Just let the whole world know about your site

What is free site promotion without the word of mouth? Sneak in your website, its URL and features in daily conversations and let the good news spread from one mouth to another!

7. Make a banner advertisement

Make a banner ad for your site and require another webmaster to do the same for his site. Then swap!

8. Take up a free website promotion course online

Yes, there are free website advertising tutorials. But don’t you know that you can actually take a free website promotion course that can help you out further? Part of the free website promotion program is signing up for newsletters.

When you make a website, you need not pay anything to promote it. You just read it — there is such a thing as free web site promotion!

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