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What is the one thing that every website owner and webmaster agrees upon in terms of its importance for online success? Traffic is the answer and without traffic, any site whatsoever is nothing more than barren web space. One can easily witness webmasters running after expert traffic sources to improve the overall ranking of their website. Nearly every ranking algorithm uses traffic as a major factor in terms of the popularity and importance of a website. So, how do you increase the number of visitors for a website or blog?

There are several methods through which you can increase the traffic of your website starting with search engine optimization to the paid traffic sources. Despite of the awareness about these methods, nearly 70% of the website owners are unable to draw the required number of visitors to their website. Why is it so? The problem is with the technique and most of the people rely on a single traffic source for their website. If you are not successful or partially successful in getting the traffic, your site will not receive the desired traffic and might even rank lower in search engines.

expert traffic sources

Top 5 Expert Traffic Sources Tips for Increasing Traffic for Your Website

The key to create expert traffic sources for your website is to develop multiple sources of traffic. You have to start with a strategy that incorporates both paid as well as free sources of traffic. If you are not sure about these sources, here are some tips to help you develop a killer traffic strategy for your website.

1. Proper Search Engine Optimization Strategy

The first part of the riddle is to get your SEO right and achieve high rank in the search engine results. While working on SEO, it is not important to rank high for a wide range of keywords, instead work on a very specific set of keywords that exactly addresses your business or website. Most of the successful website owners derive 90% of their search engine traffic with a handful of keywords. In addition to it, create a website with at least 500 to 5000 pages. It will take time but your hard work will pay off with increased traffic and online revenue. Further, make sure to promote your content on social networks, as they are the primary expert traffic sources of the current time.

2. Find Trending Content And Link to it

One of the best ways to get targeted traffic is to connect with the trending content in your industry. If you run an online promotion company, choose the most viral content for online advertising and connect it with a relevant post in your website. You can use services like Google Alerts to get a list of popular content and what you need to do next is to add a relevant comment and link it to a specific post on your blog. Linking to a relevant post will ensure that the visitors will find relevant information and might even like to continue reading other posts on your website.

3. Link to Other Writers/Bloggers

Everyone enjoys fame and publicity and by highlighting popular bloggers of your niche, you will attract them to your blog. There are chances that the blogger would at least share your post on social network sites and in return, your site will be open to a large group of audience. This is among one of the easiest ways to increase traffic of your website; however, make sure to present only relevant information.

4. Participate in Community Sites and Forums

Well, it may sound obvious but being active in community sites and forums offer better exposure to your website. Community sites like Blogger are expert traffic sources and they can help you receive relevant traffic from your community. You can link to different bloggers and like their profiles and they will do the same in return. Offer quality advice on community forums and you will get automatic promotion and publicity.

5. Use Paid Traffic

Paid traffic is among one of the expert traffic sources used by nearly every webmaster and it allows you to receive traffic without putting in a lot of efforts. You can start with Google Adwords, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, LinkedIn ads, Yahoo Ad Network or a reputable traffic provider for paid traffic. These platforms allow you to choose a particular audience and community for promotion. You can get exposure in your industry and get relevant traffic for your website. It is best to use a combination of all of these methods and get best results for your website.

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