Best Paid Traffic Sources

If you own a website, then you must ensure that you have sufficient visitors on your landing page to make your business grow. This is where paid traffic sources come into action. Before choosing the best paid traffic sources to satisfy one’s needs, and thereby increase visibility over the internet, one must consider certain features. The article below lists some of the best paid traffic sources.

best paid traffic sources

  1. Search Engines like Google Adwords and Bing: Google occupies over 75% of the search market and is amongst the best paid traffic sources. It presents the Ads to the targeted audience, and not to any general public. It offers free sign-up, and users require to pay only when the Ad is clicked. Salient features include setting up a daily budget of say $10, such that, one may exercise sufficient control over the money spent in advertising. Moreover, it is not subjected to any contracts, and hence the users may terminate the Ads as and when required. Bing Ads are more popular on the mobile platforms. The Bing Smart Search can be used effectively to optimize the Ad campaign.
  2. Facebook: With over a billion users every day, Facebook directs the targeted audience based on age, gender, occupation, friend circles and location effectively with its three-step advertising produce. Firstly, one needs to create a Facebook page, and then connect with people and create an audience. Facebook has unique features such as ‘like’ to optimize the Ads that one views. Its effectiveness lies in the feature that it targets audience similar to one’s existing customer base.

  3. Twitter: Twitter can be used effectively to target audiences by linking one’s business with specific keywords, interest or followers. Twitter analytics improves optimization. It’s ‘Tailored Audience’ support page, and its lead card feature that helps to ask for a person’s e-mail address without leaving the site, are worth watching out for.

  4. LinkedIn: It is increasingly emerging as one of the best paid traffic sources. Via LinkedIn one may choose to sponsor updates, InMail, and display and test Ads. It has efficient targeting capabilities based on LinkedIn profiles and chooses its audience based on age, gender, occupation, skill set, and so on. LinkedIn Ads cost as low as $2 to $4.5 per Ad.

  5. StumbleUpon: It is unique in its own sense. The platform drives audiences directly to the website’s landing page without requiring the users to click on the Ads. The Ad owner pays only for specifically important visitors.

  6. Reddit: It’s a new and programmable platform with high potential. Reddit Ads may have a link that redirects to the landing page or an embedded text to direct the intended users to a comment page. It consists of a passionate community of people and is really a great way for advertising.

  7. Outbrain Amplify: Similar to the many other sites discussed above, Outbrain also offers pay-per-click Ads. It is an excellent way to start the relationship with the potential customers. It targets those who are more engaged than socially active. Once people find their audience, they may connect with them through social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

  8. YouTube: YouTube attracts a lot of traffic due to its video content. The best thing about YouTube is that it is very cheap. However, one must be cautious while preparing the videos that are to be posted for the video-freak audience. It should be attention grabbing in the first few seconds and not be very length or boring. Also, many companies do not make use of videos to promote their business, so YouTube content fall a step behind in this regard. However, if smartly used, it can increase one’s business tremendously as videos and visual effects are more appealing than simple links or texts.

  9. They deliver cheap targeted web traffic and several other services like solo ads, backlinks, social traffic etc. This traffic provider is clearly among the cheapest and best paid traffic sources. Combine these traffic methods and you will get quality traffic from a large number of sources.

Other paid traffic sources include Yandex and 7 Search that are really cheap and transparent. In fact, they are cheaper than Google Adwords and Bing Ads. One can make massive advertising with small revenue. However, these are not very efficient across all geographic locations and would particularly be beneficial for novices.

A little bit of experimentation and testing with multiple traffic sources will enable you learn how to better your business because it is true that not all types of traffic sources meet one’s purpose. Hence, choose the best paid traffic sources that suits your needs and enhance your business right now! Increase the number of visitors on your website’s landing page tremendously and let your business’ name and fame spread far and wide.


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