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If you’re one of those online adventurers who believe in sales – truckloads over truckloads of put-in-your-pockets profits sales, then you understand how dear real web traffic is to your business. And not just people visiting your website for a 2 second Hawaii Holiday trip, I’m talking about high quality, super targeted real web traffic that converts like gangbusters!!

real web traffic

If you go out and register on the classic CPA networks or run the every-day-every-penny PPC and adwords, there’s only one thing that can make you succeed – PERSISTENCE!! That coupled with a bucket-load of mistakes, if you can spare them. Not that there’s anything wrong with these systems. No no no. They’re awesome, for seasoned people who can spare the cash, concentration and a disciplined hand to manage these campaigns and convert them.

As a person focused on bringing in as much risk-free cash as possible, organic traffic and wise sources of paid, real web traffic will work wonders. Now organic traffic is good only for the fact that it’s free… and maybe also because you can recover from pits and bans fairly quickly as compared to banner ads and PPC where if you get a wrathful slap, you probably won’t get reviewed again in a lifetime.

In fact, if you find yourself constantly eying your ad budget and saying “hmm….if I trim some keywords there, and spend a little more on that campaign there”, you know you ought to get your efforts onto places like youtube where you can teens to make you killer videos for pennies instead. And then pull real web traffic by attaching your link to those risk free videos!

That said, I’d like to discuss the alternate more killer sub-charge of real web traffic with you – PAID TRAFFIC.

You see, there’s a lot of false information roaming around the whole game of paid traffic and there’s far too many people trying to get you into activities like action campaigns and banner ads that spring around unnoticed. Unless you’ve got a hand that’s fairly skilled at media buying to help you secure the right media spot for your message at the right “time slot” (oh, yeah…that’s big), then you’re actually losing most of the money that you expect will bring in conversions some day.

Imagine the number of visitors that just come by your ad and blankly look at it before scrolling it away forever. Further on, think of all those campaigns where there’s just an impression of your ad or a single click of a banner that doesn’t go to completion unless the network’s survey is completed by the user. Not pretty. You not only need to qualify your prospect and target the traffic, you need REAL web traffic that’s at your site because that’s the right place for them. So here are some key factors to think of before you buy paid traffic next time:

> Credibility of the real web traffic source. Is the traffic delivered unique in terms of each visitor hitting your page.

> Basis of charge. Are you being charged for actions completed? If yes, stop! You need to keep a fact clear. You will pay ONLY AND ONLY FOR traffic that comes to your page and views what it is you SELL.

> Duration of visits. Are people staying on your site for longer than 48 seconds??  That’s a field-tested number. Traditionally, you have the first 7 seconds to capture their eye and the next 41 seconds to capture their keen interest. When do they stay longer than this – it’s when the real web traffic coming is pre-qualified and has been through multiple targeting funnels.

> Interest level of the traffic in the product. Is your traffic source qualifying your visitors on the basis of what interests them or based on how they responded to related products or services that were close to what you sell? It’s always what you sell that matters. Consumers can be interested in millions of things. And to get their interest in you is a piece of cake once their responses are already inclined towards you.

> Conversion feedback. How is this traffic source converting for other people in your niche. Is it stuck at that sad old figure of 0.5% in direct sales?? Or is it going 3% and up. Conversion records do make a difference. What’s the point of getting the best real web traffic on the planet in from of the best sales message ever and not have them follow through and flip the switch in their mind to hit the add to cart button for you.

Once you make a list of answers you find for the above bullets, you’ll know whether or not the real web traffic source is worth a second loo. If you do get a positive response to each of those, then you know you’ve got a real hot source of real web traffic on your hands that will triple it’s investment in just a few weeks!

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