Get USA Web Traffic Without SEO Or PPC

How would you like to get 900+ targeted visitors from the US every single day without involving SEO rankings or high-priced PPC (pay per click)? Everybody will tell you that SEO (Search engine optimization) is the answer and that you will be able to get tons of free traffic from it. Nevertheless the big question is how many people have brought home the bacon with SEO only for their sites? Actually very, very few.

get usa web traffic

The truth is that SEO is somewhat complex and there’s truly zero guarantee that it will work for you. I mean let’s face it, on a search engine you’re competing with billions of other web sites all over the Earth to make it to the top 10. Whenever your site appears anyplace below the first 10, it’s very unbelievable that you’ll acquire any substantial traffic generated from leading search engines suchlike Google. All the same numerous webmasters aim to entirely apply SEO to get to the top 10 rankings. What are the odds of that taking place? Really!!?

So what are your choices when you want to get USA web traffic but dont want to rely on SEO and PPc solutions? Here are a few suggestions:

Build Up An Affiliate Program

The most flying and possibly easiest way to start acquiring additional traffic to your website is to pay people a portion of any sale they with success refer to you. This assumes you sell a product. Check out this if you want a non-stop source of traffic!

Visit Forums And Use A Signature Hyperlink

When you take part in online message forums, you will be able to frequently post messages that include a special section where you’ll be able to post a link back to your website. Take the opportunity to do so.

Make Certain Your E-Mails Include A Link To Your Website

How many folks do you email day-to-day? More than you plausibly realise. Be sure that all your outgoing e-mails have a link to your website

Social Media

Endlessly look for and find fresh ways to tell other people about (promote) your site. This can be earned through social media networking and personal conversations with allies, co-workers and other people that you do business with.

Exchange Links with Complementary Products / Services

If you’re a photographer, exchange links with a marriage ceremony coordinator. If you’re a blogger, switch links with a Drupal theme developer. If you’re a web designer, exchange links with a web hosting company. You get the essence. This may seem ambitious but sometimes all you’ve to do is ask.

Produce Video Tutorials or Online Shows

If you have video tutorials or online demos of your product or service, YouTube will get you the most activity and give you the best opportunity to go word of mouth with its community and related videos feature. There are heaps of other video sharing services out there but YouTube is the best so far.

Unashamedly Link your Press Releases

Accordant to Wikipedia, “Press releases can announce a range of news items, such as scheduled events, personal promotions, awards, news products and services, sales and other financial data, accomplishments, etc.” I’m not talking about plainly linking back to your company’s homepage in your boilerplate. You should link all related keywords from your press releases to crucial pages of your corporate website or blog. What’s more, you’re already paying your PR bureau to shop them around for you, so might as well take full advantage of it.

Strengthen your Web Copy

Web copy is even as significant as the design of your website. Here are a few nimble tips to better your web copy:

  • Keep off technical lingo
  • Study your target market first and what is relevant to them and then sprinkle in your keywords for search engines
  • Snappy and enlightening titles
  • Clean and compact intros – get to the point about what you’re discussing from the beginning
  • Scannable reports with bullets and subheads

Blog Commenting

Detecting the related post and commenting on it with your post’s link gets a healthy traffic for your own blogs. This method acquires SEO points as well since you produced a back-link too.

Getting Paid Traffic That Converts

Who would not prefer to invest a buck and get back $1.50?Then, you merely scale up. You take that fifty cent revenue and buy additional traffic – until your online profits shoot through the roof!

Sounds simple… doesn’t it?

Numerous online marketers have expanded their business and found success applying paid traffic solutions. Among them are Matt Lloyd and Jim Yaghi who are fierce advocates of the method. For them the advantages are as follows:

  • Scalable
  • Speedier and quicker
  • Test offers may be done
  • More targeted with the ability to change targets

With paid traffic, one of its greatest rewards is the power to provide faster traffic solutions. You’ll be able to run an advertising campaign instantly and you are able to get USA web traffic in just a few hours. If the campaign is right, you will be able to even bring in sales, leads and opt-ins the following day. You can apply it to advertise anything (capture leads, CPA offers, affiliate offers, sell physical/ecommerce products, sell your own products or promote local businesses).

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8 thoughts on “Get USA Web Traffic Without SEO Or PPC

  1. Kanu says:

    Hi. Can you drive a real human traffic for my parked domain, traffic from people that will click on the ads. Thank you

    • Rick Hanson says:

      Hi Kanu! Yes, we can send real human visitors to parked domains – as long as they dont violate our terms. We can not guarantee any clicks. These are real people and we have no way to control the behavior and we dont pay them to visit pages. But – our traffic is targeted and we have lots of repeat business for our services.

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