5 Common Reasons Your Website Traffic Is Dropping

In today’s internet centered world, it is crucial that businesses have a presence on the internet. With many people using the internet, getting web traffic to your site can and will transform to more business opportunities for yourself and your company. It is for this reason that a sudden drop in the traffic to your website can seem like such a terrifying prospect. If you are experiencing this and are clueless on why this sudden drop occurred, read on as we help you determine the cause.

Did you make any changes on your website recently?

First look for any issues with the hosting server. Once that is done, look for changes done on the site by the seo agency or anyone else. For instance, making any change to the design of the website can increase the loading speed of the website and being one of the ranking factors, this can adversely affect your seo ranking.

For a more thorough research, make use of google analytics to check if all channels of your traffic is reducing or if it just one channel. Lastly, take a look at the SERPS.

Is it just a trend?

When you are scrutinizing traffic, make sure to check the overall traffic over a long period of time. This way you can find out any trends or seasonal occurrences and decide if the drop is normal with the time or if it needs looking into.

Look for simple technical issues

More often than not, this could be the reason for your loss in traffic. Start off with the basics. There are plenty of tools like google analytics and Moz which you can use to find technical issues with your site. Look for 404 issues, longer than usual loading times, wrong on page SEO and so on before moving to the complex issues.

Is your server overloaded?

It is no secret that a web page can easily be overloaded; just ask a web development services company and they will tell you the same thing. If a site is down, always check this issue first before going on to more complex solutions. If you find out that the server can not handle the website traffic, it is crucial that you optimize it well and ready yourself for known high traffic times to avoid going offline.

Is the meta information right?

For those of you who do not know, the meta information is the area where google gets the keyword information to understand the website and then rank it. A common human error is when people remove the meta info unintentionally so check for this first of all. If the meta tags are in place, then make use of google analytics to check if the traffic drop can be attributed to organic, paid or social channels. If it is paid, take the look at your google AdWords campaign to ensure there is no issue with that. If the drop is due to organic, then you should take a look at the rbots.txt, SSL and related areas.

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  1. Hi, Junaid Ali Qureshi

    Thanks to posting such usual collection all about that how to decrease website traffic is dropping. I have a question as soon as possible I will change my hosting server Would it be the problem my Website Traffic?


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