My stats counter shows different numbers than your stats?

There are many reasons for a non-counted visit to your page:

  • A visitor closes the window before your site loads
  • The visitor is on a slow connection and the request times out
  • The visitor is behind an ISP with a proxy ex. AOL
  • The user’s browser served the request from cache instead of from your server
  • Your site was unavailable at the time of request (server down time)
  • Your tracking software could not handle concurrent connections

Note: It is quite common for ALL third party stat counters to differ from each other as much as 20% or more because of all these various factors. We recommend not using Google Analytics, as it does not track domain redirects (301). Instead, use RAW server logs or Awstats from your cpanel as it is much more accurate. These stats will also show our visit tracker as the referral.

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