Ways To Promote ClickBank Products

Are you looking for an online affiliate network that offers a good range of products (both physical and digital), high commissions, easy to use system as well as excellent support? Then ClickBank is your ideal choice.

promote clickbank products

What is ClickBank And How To Promote ClickBank products?

ClickBank is an affiliate marketing network that connects products sellers/advertisers/ merchants or vendors with affiliates/publishers. Over the years, it has become one of the most commonly known affiliate marketing networks around the globe. It acts as a marketplace and bridges the gap between merchant and affiliates. It also provides an opportunity for the product owners to sell a wide range of digital products and physical products as well. The sales are made through the traffic generated from either website or social platforms such as Facebook, Squidoo, e.t.c.

Therefore, ClickBank is a platform where product owners advertise their products by generating traffic into the platform. Affiliates may select ClickBank products which they would like to promote and then generate traffic on the website or blog. Getting started with ClickBank is simple, what you do is fill in basic information on the registration form such as contact info and your address. There are no pre-approvals hassles.

The platform allows virtually anyone to open an account and start promoting. It’s ideal for the new Affiliate Marketers who do not have any programs or sites to promote. Besides, it allows Affiliates Marketers from over 120 Nations to promote products using their Affiliate Marketing Network.

Right now, ClickBank offers hundreds of thousands of products, most of which are of high-quality, but you need to take a keen look at the marketplace to know the best products you should promote. Ideally, you should increase the web traffic for higher and quick sales.

Benefits of Adopting ClickBank Affiliate Network

  • Signing up on ClickBank is free. This means there are no hidden charges when registering with the platform.
  • The network is efficient when paying its affiliates. Hence, you do not have to worry about receiving the payments.
  • You have the liberty to choose products of your choice when you want to start selling.
  • The affiliate network offers high commission rates. It ranges from 10% to 78%.
  • It offers a broad spectrum of products (digital and physical), and the new products are added regularly.
  • Once you’re through signing up, you can choose a product of your choice and start selling it on your blog right away.

How to Promote ClickBank Products

Here, we discuss the ways of promoting ClickBank products using targeted web traffic. A few of the techniques require having a website, but for now, let us look at the need of pre-selling. People hate being thrown to sales pages without a substantial reason for buying a particular product. So pre-selling is of great importance.

First, it establishes the trust needed to close a sale, so build-up to your sale. You’d see that you’re getting rewarded for your efforts once more people opt for your brand especially when they notice the value in it. Here, it’s important to know that you can promote ClickBank products by creating sales funnel or through direct marketing. Of course, these methods have all known benefits, but on the long-term, the method of creating sales pays you more.

This is because when you create a sales funnel, you end up building a strong relationship with your client. You can offer them free software’s, eBooks, course material, and resources, but in return, you ask for their emails.

In case the user provides you with the email, he/she is much convinced on your offering and sees value in them. At this point, you can provide him/her with useful resources about your niche. And finally, you can put your affiliate link in one of your resources. What you should understand is that you need to promote ClickBank products which are connected to your niche and serves the users’ interests.

Because the users value your advice, they are likely to purchase your affiliate products. And since you have their email address, you can keep in touch with them all through thus providing added value through, tips, eBooks, free offerings as well as services.

If you have other products, you can advertise them as well. So, the customer stays with you and doesn’t leave you in case you make a sale or not. If a client is not contented with one product, it’s likely that he/she gets convinced for other product that you’re promoting and proceeds to buy it. After all, the products must be related to the niche you are serving to the users.

However, there’s every possibility that the email list or prospect keeps on growing. New users will like your offer that serves their best interests. They will give you their email addresses and then go on to create your sales funnel. This will help you build a long-term relationship with your users and create a mutual benefit amongst everyone.

Increase Website And Social Traffic With These Techniques

1. Banners to Promote ClickBank Products
Banner Ads is an easy yet effective way of increasing website traffic and promoting ClickBank products. It requires one to have a website. Herein, you’ve to get an article on the website that’s related to the ClickBank product you need to promote. Paste the banner ad in the middle or on the sidebar of the article. Since traffic is related to the offer, you’d see conversions coming your way, and when a visitor clicks on it (the banner), he/she is lead to the promoter’s website where he gets more info about the product. However, when a sale is made, it’s registered under your name.

In case you do not have any similar content on your site, you can choose to buy banners space on other websites of the same niche. Here, you can opt for a site with high traffic volume and show your banner on the websites. So, for your banners ads, you will get traffic from multiple sites which are related to the products that you’ve chosen on ClickBank.

2. Article Marketing to Promote ClickBank Products
Here, you are supposed to paste In-content links in the text as well come as recommendations from the publisher of the post. If you have an authoritative blog post, the chances are high that visitors will click the affiliate marketing link in that post. This is because people believe in what you say since you’ve built trust with them. Besides, the In-content links are noticed by attentive readers because they are not prominent.

Article marketing requires you to have a website or blog with a large number of visitors so that the conversion rates could be high. On the other hand, you can draft product reviews or just related topics on your site. Reviews traffic is highly targeted, and visitors have a high chance to buy your products. Moreover, you can get in touch with other bloggers and draft guest posts on the products and then paste In-content links within your post.

3. Facebook
One of the simplest ways of driving traffic and promoting ClickBank products on your Facebook is through writing product review- style articles. Make sure the articles have eye-catching headlines before publishing them on your Facebook note. You have to leverage the Facebook platform to increase your social circle. Besides, you also need to promote the products through the Facebook groups. You can join any group depending on the product category you need to promote.

4. Pinterest
Pinterest will allow you to pin different products from affiliate networks like ClickBank. Here, you must use your affiliate link for every pin. When people click the link to a specific webpage and make a purchase, you are seen as a referrer. This will make you earn some commission whenever sales are made. Besides, you should come up with good pins that will attract the attention of your visitors. You can also post review articles of products and then paste the affiliate link(s) in the post.

5. Using Email Marketing to Promote ClickBank Products
The greatest advantage of Email Marketing is that you have enough time to persuade people to buy a particular product. Also, you have their contact info, so you do not lose them after the first offer, you can expose them to a different offer, and tips again and again. Ideally, you shouldn’t be aggressive in the sales pitch. This means that there should be pre-selling elements when you pitch a product to your prospects.

Besides, you should let them understand why they need a certain product and how it can be of great use to them. You should make them understand the unique features plus benefits of using that product. This needs to be in a series of emails to your prospects leading to the sales. In the final email, you should attach the affiliate link of the ClickBank product that you want to promote. This will make the whole process not look like blunt sales effort.

6. Participate in Forums
Join and take active participation in forums that are connected to ClickBank products. They (forums) prove to be a great channel when establishing one as an expert. Therefore, make sure to join discussions and post your suggestions & reviews on a regular basis so as to establish your credibility with other members of the forum.

It’s your expertise and sincerity that will persuade other members and initiate them to buy the products you suggest. To make things much easier, use your products affiliate link as your signature when signing off on forums as well as message boards.

7. Craigslist
Using Craigslist to promote ClickBank Products is much easier, and more effective than Email Marketing. Craigslist has got sections devoted to services, jobs, housing, community, goods, advice, personals, for sale, items wanted e.t.c

Promoting products on Craigslist entails getting an affiliate link and then posting a classified advertisement on it. When using it, make sure you provide accurate info and details about the products. You should categorically tell the user how a given product can be of benefit to him/her. This will, however, generate more sales plus your ads won’t be flagged for any false information.

8. Use YouTube
YouTube is an effective platform to promote ClickBank products. The technique is quite simple. What you have to do is make a video on a product keyword and then upload it to YouTube.

You can develop product review videos showing in details what the affiliate product has in store for the consumers. In the description bit, you can put the ClickBank affiliate link.

The advantage of using YouTube to promote ClickBank products is that it gets the targeted visitors for that video(s). If a visitor gets convinced with you, say in the video, then he would eventually follow the link and go on to buy your product.

9. Use Squidoo
Squidoo is an alternative and most effective platform for promoting ClickBank Products. The platform allows users to create lenses (commonly referred to as pages), for selling products. Therefore, you need to create a Squidoo page for every product that you need to promote. You can either include articles or write product reviews, depending on your preferences. Also, you can include your affiliate link along with relevant keywords as well as customer testimonials and products. Most importantly, you should spread the link throughout the lenses so that it becomes easy to see and to click for the customers who are willing to purchase the product right away.

Other Advertising Options
Apart from the methods mentioned above, there are a number of other ads available for advertising ClickBank Products. They include paid traffic solutions, PPV Advertising, Native Ads, Pop-Under Advertising and Mobile Ads.

Most of the Affiliate Marketers are ignorant about these options while others never try them out mainly because such as Google Ad Words doesn’t allow affiliate promotions. However, they’re aware of the Google Ad Words, and since it doesn’t allow Affiliate marketing, they never look out for a chance to try other options.

Fortunately, with these ads options, there are no such problems, and you can promote ClickBank products just like you would have with the techniques we have discussed above.

All in all, you should be cautious to use the needed Ad Network for promoting the ClickBank products with the mentioned advertising options. Make sure to use an Ad Network that has many publishers and can provide a vast number of highly-targeted traffic.

As we can see, there are different techniques for promoting ClickBank Products. It’s a rewarding Affiliate program, and if used properly, it can help one earn hundreds of dollars on a monthly basis. So, which is your ideal technique for promoting ClickBank products?

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