How To Use Social Media To Your Advantage For SEO

Search engine optimization has been the main focus for online marketing since search engines became a great source of traffic. Over the years it has evolved and changed multiple times. It’s therefore important that we keep up with all of the best practices to secure our high rankings in SERPs.

Many people still don’t use social media sites to their advantage for SEO. Why? Because they are unaware of how well it works. But to help out, we are going to explain why they should be using it and a few tips on how to get started.

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Why Use Social Media to Improve SEO?

Search engines are focusing more of their attention on social media. Reason being because it has become such a large part of our internet activity. Especially to those who have created their own websites. While social media becomes more and more popular search engines are going to have to adapt and implement each interaction within their algorithms.

So far, we know that every time a link or content is shared, liked, or viewed through social media it helps with SEO and increases the rank of that page. Social media is such a good SEO tool for us because of how easy people are able to share it with their friends, family, and followers. If you are able to come up with an incredible post, then you can expect it to get a lot of views and many more shares.

Overtime, you will start to gain a following that will enjoy your posts and guarantee you a good amount of activity with each of your posts. This helps to give your overall site a boost in rankings.

You should be aware though that search engines have to follow certain rules when it comes to viewing content on social media sites. If they don’t have permission to see it, they won’t be able to index it. A fast solution to this would be to just have the content posted on your site. Then linked to all of your social media profiles. This ensures that search engines will have no problem reading the content and will be able to record any social media interactions it gets.

What Social Media Sites Should we Use?

All of the major social media sites are taken into consideration by search engines, but nowadays Facebook and Instagram have been known to be extremely effective. This has been proven by many SEO experts. Besides that we have Google my Business, especially for local searches and businesses. While it’s understandable that Google would recommend their own services, we should take their advice and sign up with them. After all, they are the world’s largest search engine.

The other social media sites you should be targeting are the more popular ones. The more popular they are, the better results you will see. TikTok and Twitter are just a couple example of sites you should be targeting. Although other social media sites might not be as popular, you can still do really well with them if you prefer them instead.

Are There Any Tools to Improve Our Social Media SEO Campaigns?

You should also try using some premium tools to help your SEO campaign. Using tools such as Moz or Raven Tools will help you by providing you all of the information you will need to properly run your SEO Campaign.

They will assist by helping your overall keyword research, competition research, analytics, link building, and much more. You can use these to implement a better social media SEO campaign.

How to Use Social Media for SEO purposes?

Your main goal for SEO in social media is to try and get as many interactions as possible: Mentions, likes, shares, etc. The more you get, the higher your page will be ranked. And of course you get more targeted social traffic and leads. So the first aspect you should think about is coming up with titles that will attract the most people.

You will want to come up with a powerful title that is relevant and interesting. It is going to be providing the first impression of the content so if no one finds it interesting, they might just end up moving on.

You may have a hard time at first seeing which titles work best with your type of content, but after a while, you will start coming up with easy and effective titles that attract many people.

Before you start your social media campaign, you are going to want to figure out which target audience you are trying to attract. Many people have had their campaigns fail because they never really thought about this aspect and then started making all types of content for many different audiences.

While you may think this can help your overall campaign, it is going to backfire. Not everyone is going to like all of the content you put out.

You need to find the demographic that will be most interested in your content and then keep all of your content relevant. This will provide you with many more loyal followers and help you to get popular with a certain demographic.

The last tip we are going to cover is making sure to keep interacting with your audience. Respond to their comments, messages, and keep them entertained. The more personal you get with them, the more loyal they will become, which increases your chances at having successful posts in the future. This is especially important at the beginning of any social media campaign.

There are many different ways you can run a social media campaign, but these few tips should be implemented in every single one. Once you have become used to social media campaigns, you will start to learn other strategies and might decide to go with them. Until then, use the information provided here and you will have no problem getting a good head start.

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