Top Traffic Sources Overview

If you are a beginner to marketing online and getting traffic, then you really need to consider learning the basics of traffic sources. Understanding a very basic top traffic sources overview can be very helpful. If you want to succeed and have your entire site gain a lot of traffic, then it is important you understand the whole traffic sources overview. There are thousands of traffic sources, but if you don’t know how the Internet works, then you may never get the traffic and money you want to earn.

Top Traffic Sources

Top Traffic Sources Overview

  • What is web traffic? Traffic is basically what you get when people visit your website. When people say “to drive traffic”, it basically means “to get more visitors to your site”. There are many people who have seen their websites grow rapidly all because they understood the basics. Traffic is what you need in order to get people buying on your website. If you don’t know how to get traffic, you can never expect to get your entire site gaining buyers. There are many ways to go about driving traffic, and it is important you learn about the most basic ways to do it and get the best traffic sources overview.

How to get traffic

– Article Directories

On your website, you will find that it is easy to create an article or a blog post and add it to your site, but getting people to read it is the hard part. Try to write articles and sending them to article directories. Simply write about an interesting topic related to your ordinary website, and simply lead them to your site by having your website’s URL in an anchor text link. This can help get you some instant traffic to the search engines, not to mention get you more cash and earning more money.

– Yahoo Answers

If you want an easier and quicker way to make fast cash, then you need to use Yahoo Answers, especially since there are so many people who use the site. Try to answer simple questions while leaving a helpful answer leading to your website URL. As long as you tell them that there is more helpful advice to be seen and read on your site, it shouldn’t be hard to get people to click onto your link. There is a lot of traffic to be made from Yahoo Answers, and if you want to get even more traffic, then consider using local forums that are in your niche. Simply join the site, add your site as your signature, and get yourself started making your first set of cash.

There are thousands of people who have seen success with the Internet using the power of simple marketing tactics. The truth is that you can always get traffic in many different ways, not to mention get your entire site out there and getting the attention it needs. The above traffic sources overview can be very helpful for learning the basics of traffic generation. It does take time to see success, but within a short time, you can be sure to see your site gaining the traffic it needs.

– Guest Blogging

A different bang-up formula to acquire lots of extra exposure and laser-targeted hits is guest blogging. Now, I can hear what you’re plausibly thinking… “Hey, that’s not a fresh traffic source!”. But how many of you’re in reality USING this technique to generate traffic to your website. I’m betting that VERY few of you’re actually applying this highly mighty traffic strategy. Guest blogging is among the best ways to bring out your content to an entirely fresh audience. Best of all, at the end of your post is your name, your brand, and a link back to your internet site. So, you could be wondering how you get a hot blog to post your content.

As ever, it comes down to value. You want to showcase your very best content. Plus, you will also need to build up a relationship with the blogger that you want to guest post for. Now, at the start this might sound hard but it’s actually not. Here’s what I like to do to start the relationship with other bloggers. Firstly, I start making in-depth, insightful remarks on their blog…comments that will genuinely stick out. After I do that for a couple days (possibly even a week or two), then I send the blogger an email telling them how much I enjoy their blog. I also like to make some sort of deeper connection too. So I try and find out what their darling hobbies are, their favorite music, etc… and I look for something that we have in common so that I can make a deeper connection.

– Blog Commenting

Blog commenting can be an highly hefty method for building up hits to your website. Regrettably, most bloggers lowball the value of blog commenting. Not only can commenting add you lots of extra exposure it’s also an fantabulous way to start building relationships with other bloggers. And these kinships can lead to guest posting opportunities, backlinks, interviews, and more. In order to optimise your remarks for the most traffic, you will would like to make sure that you are one of the first to comment. The earlier you comment, the more exposure you are going to get since your comment will be at the top of the page. And, as ever, be sure that your comment allows for marvellous value. You want your comment to stand out from the others. You do this by providing in-depth, perceptive comments that ADD to the conversation. Now imagine if you do this systematically on several high-profile blogs you could drive some severe traffic to your blog and build priceless relationships with your fellow bloggers.

– Video Tagging

Here’s a different simple scheme for acquiring lots of additional views on your video. Simply find existing videos on YouTube that are related to yours and have numerous views. And then, copy their tags to the video you are uploading. This gives you’re video a really fine chance of appearing in the associated videos in the sidebar, which can send you a ton of additional traffic.

– Amazon Mechanical Turk

A few of you’ve plausibly heard of Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. Mturk allows you to employ people to do a broad range of simple chores. But many people don’t realize it’s potential commercializing power. You will be able to have people on Mechanical Turk do almost anything… voting for your video on YouTube, post comments on your YouTube videos, submit your articles to social bookmarking sites, etc… All for just a few cents. Then, for instance, let’s say you needed to get your article on into the “most viewed” section. Doing this would allow you to get a ton of additional exposure and 100s of internal backlinks within the EzineArticles website itself. To do this, you’d simply go to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and setup what they call a HIT (Human Intelligence Task).

You’d then buy hits for people to view your article. But you will prefer to do this slowly. (approx. 25 or so per day) You would pay around 4 cents per hit. Also, don’t republish the hit. Simply make a big one and say 200 hits then pause or re update the hit. This way the same worker will not remake the hit. And naturally, this is just the start of what’s imaginable with Mturk. You can use it for Twitter, SoMe, Diggs, YouTube votes, YouTube comments, etc…

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