Top 10 Social Networking Sites – Get More Web Traffic

How Can Web Traffic from The Top 10 Social Networking Sites Help Grow Your Business?

Social networking sites have changed over the years. Today, businesses online, bloggers and webmasters are increasing using the power of social networking sites to build the brand image of their online presence, increase web traffic and maximize profits by increasing sales. There are many reasons for small and medium sized business to use social networking sites. Traffic generated through social networking sites can build and enhance your brand image, increase traffic to your website, and promote certain areas of your website. Those who are getting poor traffic because of their inefficient SEO strategies, social networking marketing can increase the visibility of their websites and businesses as a whole online. Here are the top 10 social networking sites you can use to build traffic to your website or other online entities:

top 10 social networking sites

1. Facebook

Facebook is the most dominant social networking site the World Wide Web has seen. This tremendously popular social networking site is a platform to interact with friends, relatives, colleagues, customers, targeted audience and in fact anyone. If used correctly, Facebook can build a huge traffic to your website and grow your business successfully. You need to create and post great content on Facebook to build your credentials. Post often and engage with other users on a regular basis. The features like “likes”, “fan page” and others can be used to build traffic and drive them to your online store or website.

2. Twitter

Twitter is one of the greatest social networking sites, which continues to expand in popularity. Twitter is basically a microblogging site. Twitter is especially popular with mobile web users who use smartphones and tablet computers. You can build a huge traffic to your business online or website through posting a 140 character text on Twitter. 

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the best social networking site for professionals. Individuals can promote their offers or businesses, connect with other professionals, post job ads, apply for jobs, offer services and interact in group discussions. LinkedIn is one of the top 10 social networking sites jus behind Facebook and Twitter.

4. Google+

Today, Google+ is a very popular social networking site that bloggers, webmasters and businesses online use to promote their products and services, build trust with customers, and respond to queries from customers and others. Google+ is becoming popular quite fast because of the potential it offers to grow businesses.

5. YouTube

YouTube is a very powerful social networking site although it has been owned by Google. YouTube is the number one video sharing site on the Internet. Businesses can promote their offers through YouTube by vlogging, movie-making and music sharing. Video marketing is a very popular Internet marketing strategy now. If you can do it rightly you can build a strong community and traffic to your website

6. Tumblr

Tumblr is a very popular microblogging site which is heavily influenced by image sharing. You can follow others and be followed back on this site. Posting great content is the key to build followers on Tumblr. You can use “reblogging” and “liking” to interact and build traffic to your blog or website. 

7. Reddit

Reddit is a very popular social networking site with a strong community. You need to be active on this site if you want your submitted links to get the most upvotes and appear on the first page of the site. If your links show up in the first page the potential for viewership is huge.

8. Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the top 10 social networking sites. It has grown faster than any other social networking sites. Pinterest is a very popular site because of its beautiful and intuitive user platform. Businesses are using Pinterest to build brand images and increase sales. 

9. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a great social networking site that allows you to load a new page or website for you to view. You simply choose a category of your interest and press Stumble to load the new page or website. You can submit your own pages to grow a loyal following. You must, however, learn how to build traffic to your website using this social networking site.

10 Instagram

Instagram has grown in huge popularity in a relatively very short period of time. Today, it is one of the most popular social networking sites for photo sharing. Your businesses online and off will flourish if you can receive traffic from Instagarm because the relevant traffic will boost your website and business building brand image and increasing sales.

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to build web traffic and grow your business. The followers, users and traffic you build through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or one of the other top 10 social networking sites will increase your web exposure heavily drawing in more customers and attracting your targeted audience. If you cannot do your own research and use social networking marketing to generate a high amount of traffic, then hiring a social networking expert or consultant can help you to boost visibility of your website and grow your business.

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