Increase Free Targeted Traffic and Build Valuable Backlinks Through Blog Commenting

Whenever you’re worried about the low number of traffic you presently receive on your website, if your only looking to blow things up a bit increase visibility to your website or step-up the amount of back links you currently have then you may want to try blog commenting.

blog commenting

Now before we start I would like to say that whenever commenting on blogs you should always try to add something of use to the topic in hand either this or at the least compliment the author for their great work. Don’t just put a worthless comment which is obvious that you wrote it just for the traffic or backlink.

Blog commenting is a form of marketing

It’s a method of increasing traffic as well as being a way of construction links to your website therefore it could plausibly be sorted out as a form of off page SEO as well.

The idea behind blog commenting is that you comment on other people’s blog websites to increase the traffic to your own website or blog. You maybe thinking, well I have been doing that for ages but I don’t get any traffic from their websites. There are some tips and tricks behind blog commenting and these are some of my most important tips.

  1. Find 2-3 blogs that are associated with your market or your niche.
  2. Pick one username for every blog, possibly the username used to post on your own blog, forums or social media sites.
  3. Read their blogs daily not only for tips and information but so you can comment on each article they upload.
  4. Add something of value to the article, perhaps ask a question or state your own opinion.
  5. Try to be the first blogger to comment back, these are bound to get the most traffic.
  6. Become a part of their community, speak your opinion, help others and make friends.

These are just some of my primary tips for blog commenting, it’s not easy to make yourself known even so you can start by commenting on already popular blogs.

Blog commenting is an excellent way of increasing traffic not only this but some blogs do as well allow do follow URL links which will mean you also receive a backlink from their website.

Don’t have time to make blog comments yourself? Try this excellent automatic blog commenting service.

132 thoughts on “Increase Free Targeted Traffic and Build Valuable Backlinks Through Blog Commenting”

  1. Blog commenting is really one way to increase blog traffic. There are the highest possibilities that people would track back, backlinks are highly effective, and if you got a good comment, people would probably check out your link. The key to effective blog commenting is to know what you’re talking about.

  2. What I love about blog commenting is that it creates a circle of a “fan base” wherein people with the same knowledge and interest as the post would keep on commenting there. You would create rapport with these people. They could look up to you and check out your website if they are interested. As long as you keep the good and insightful comments coming, you would never go wrong with blog commenting.

    • Hi Allen! Couldnt agree more. Blog commenting can do wonders for you and you also have the opportunity to establish yourself as an expert in your field. The only “problem” i see with blog commenting is all the time spent, but i guess good commenters develop some kind of time-saving routines in the long run.

  3. I really do appreciate the efforts done in blog commenting. However, what I hate about it is some people abusing it. People post spammy messages or use an autopost tool. Instead of making the thread a smart and healthy conversation, they fill it up with spam just to get backlinks.

    • Hi Fred! Yes, spamming is a problem. Its probably a smarter move to do it manually. That way you also keep top notch quality. In my opinion: QUALITY ALWAYS WINS!:-)

  4. This is a great way to increase rank as well as traffic to your website in addition to the SEO that you have already done. What is done is basically they find blogging websites that offer information and blogs regarding the same topic as your website and post comments.

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    • Hi Vani! You have a good site there and i hope you’re making a lot of money. Remember, visitors (specially targeted visitors) are the lifeblood of a money making site.

  7. Hi, I agree with every statement that you have made in the post and I really appreciate your effort in gathering up the information. Thanks for it.

  8. Great post, blog commenting is the most important strategy for gathering a high traffic, thanks for sharing such a valuable information.

    • Thanks William! Please come back, i’m sure you will find other interesting articles and tips about how to generate traffic and income.

  9. There are various companies and individuals out there that are willing to do PR Blog Commenting for your website where they post comments on blogs in order to attract attention and traffic. They provide blog commenting service which not only offers the spreading of your link to possible followers but also in do-follow blogs where web crawlers can use them as backlinks to your website.

  10. Very nice blog and very good ideas for blog commenters to increase traffice for their websites. i liked it very much , good stuff of information Thanks

    • Thanks! Keep coming back, we’re gonna produce lots of tips for increasing the traffic to your website or blog.

    • Thanks Mr Stock Tips! We use a lot of time trying to come up with good and relevant content for our readers in the niche “Traffic Generating Tips”. More will come…

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  17. A couple things about making sure your comments are doing you any good. First of all make sure you spell your website URL correctly, even to the point of copy and past it into another tab in your browser and make sure it comes up correctly.

    Another thing you need to do is make sure you put the (http://) in front of your website URL so it will become a live link with the name you have used to comment with on the blog.

    Another great tip – search your niche and try to find the blogs that come up on the 1st or 2nd page of google and then comment on those. Make sure you sign up for their blog announcements so you can try to be the first one to comment on each blog article.

    Don’t get too stressed out about it though, I just put it on my list to comment on one blog a day, not only does it consistently build links but it makes me that much smarter about my niche.

    I think the best information you have provided here is the fact that you need relevant content when you comment on a blog and build a rapport not only with the blogger but with others who post as well.

    Excellent article and subject to post on your blog – very smart!

  18. Ya. Blog commenting is an easy way to to get back link for a particular website. Need thematically relevant posts so that its importance will high. Blog commenting is also alternative
    web solutions for getting traffic in SEO point of view. I like your 6 points which describe procedure of blog commenting.

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  28. It is in fact usefull technique but i wonder when google will update another algorithm that will prevent this type of link building…

    • Hi Ann! You never know what google will do, but in general it a good idea to get traffic and backlinks from as many sources as possible. We will place your backlinks on a large number of sites and people will find them there and click them – no matter what gooogle does.

  29. Yes. Commenting on other blogs for sure will bring traffic. But of you do not need to be a nuisance and have your blog post remain forever, strive to comment on topic and reflect what info is on the blog you are commenting on.

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