How To Get Targeted Leads To Shopify Stores

Shopify stores are very effective in managing your e-commerce store. Shopify provides a comprehensive solution that manages your shopping cart, listing and adding of products, discounts, payment modalities among may other e-commerce related features. However, once you have set up your Shopify online store, you will need to get ways of building traffic to your website and thereby increase the number of closures for your products. There are various ways that you can use to get traffic to Shopify stores. Below are 6 of these leading ways.
Get targeted leads to shopify stores

Use paid SEO and Advertising

One of the most effective ways to get targeted leads to Shopify stores is using paid search engine optimization (SEO) and online advertising. Paid SEO is a service provided by leading search engines whereby a link to your website is placed at the top or at the side of the results page of your preferred search terms. By placing your sponsored link at the top of search engine’s results page for keywords being searched by your targeted shoppers, you significantly improve the traffic and by extension the conversions at your e-commerce website. On the other hand, online advertising involves placing advertising banners and links in websites that may have potential buyers from your Shopify store. There are advertising networks that enable you to access webmasters who are willing to place your store’s advertisement on their website.

You can also advertise your store directly on various internet platforms such as on internet forums, social networking or social bookmarking. You can also use off-line advertising such as advertising on local magazines.

Use Internet marketers to Drive Traffic

Internet marketers work in the same way as traditional marketers. They use various techniques to access potential buyers from your e-commerce website and then forward such traffic to your website. There are various ways of paying such internet marketers including Pay Per Sale (PPS), Pay Per Lead (PPL) or Cost Per Action (CPA) – that pays marketers for a predefined action by website visitors such as signing-up for your shopping e-magazine. Internet marketers are ideal as you can manage your costs – by only paying against actual sales. There are also networks that connect the internet marketers and product sellers and such networks help with tracking and payment of commissions.

Quality Product Descriptions and Customer Reviews

Another way to get targeted leads to Shopify stores is by adding customer reviews, quality item descriptions and other shopping features also provided by Shopify. These features improve the quality of shopping for your visitors and thereby improve your repeat customer rate and your overall internet brand. Quality product descriptions and customer reviews may also lead to third party websites linking to your store to lead their visitors to your store for quality shopping.

Using Quality Images

The quality of your product images has a long term impact on the quantity and quality of targeted leads to your e-commerce store. Images enable visitors to have a better visual impression of the actual item on sale. Furthermore, beautiful images also impact on your conversion rate as visitors will get attracted to the lovely looking products on your catalog. Therefore, invest in a good camera or get a professional to get quality images of the products that you are selling.

Have a Subscription List

A subscription list is a list of opt-in emails of people who are interested in the products that you are selling. The opt-in list can be collected from your e-commerce website or you can have a blog that provides discounts, shopping tips and other related advisory with a subscription feature. With the list of opt-in emails, you can alert your subscribers of new products, discounts on various products, free offers and other marketing offers. This can significantly increase the traffic to your e-commerce website.

SEO Link Building

Another way that you can use to get targeted leads to Shopify stores is organic SEO. These techniques seek to rank your store highly on the results page of search engines for your related search terms without paying for such ranking. There are various SEO techniques that you can use. These include getting back links from third party blogs and websites, getting links from press release websites, having videos on YouTube and other video websites that promote your products, using targeted keywords optimally on the Shopify store to describe your products and many other SEO tactics. You may consider seeking the services of an SEO firm to optimize your store for search engines. However, you need to be careful not to use black-hat (unauthorized) SEO techniques that can build traffic to your store in the short-run but that can easily have your website penalized or blacklisted by search engines.

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