Clickbank affiliate traffic secrets

Introduction to Clickbank affiliate traffic secrets

Have you wasted your time and money on unsuccessful means of generating traffic to your Clickbank affiliate website? You have probably already tried SEO, spending valuable resources on celebrity influencer endorsements, creating videos, and article marketing with no positive results. The good news is, there are several Clickbank affiliate traffic secrets you can implement to get more visitors.

clickbank affiliate traffic secrets

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The success of your business today may depend on the traffic you can drive towards it. As more people continue to spend time indoors due to the current pandemic, businesses are running through digital means, and these include having a website that can be accessed by clients and visitors on the internet.

Unfortunately, driving online traffic to your Clickbank website has become increasingly more difficult mainly due to the huge global competition fighting for the same attention as you. So, if you’d like to stand out and generate new and high-quality traffic to your website, explore our Clickbank affiliate traffic secrets to generate more web visitors soon.

Guest Blogging

When building a blog, guest blogging is one of the most recommended strategies to boost your site’s brand and traffic. It is the process of publishing your content on other high-quality sites that accept guest posts. A single post in a very influential site can significantly help you grow your audience. The benefits are not visible on the day your post is published. Rather, it is a gradual, continuous process that secures your site’s future.

Steps to Create a Guest Blogging Strategy

If you want to use guest blogging as a tactic to generate more traffic, you need to do it right. The following are the best steps towards creating a compelling guest blogging strategy for your website:

Market Research

It helps you understand the type of blog you need to help you connect to other bloggers and readers. Before writing your blog post, you need to identify your target audience and have as much information about them as possible, including demographics.

Ascertain Guest Blogging Goals

Having a target audience enables you to set goals for your blog. For example, building quality backlinks to your websites or driving more traffic to a particular landing page, etc.

Search for Guest Blogging Opportunities

When looking for a site that is hungrily seeking fresh content, consider the potential audience in that website and its relevance to your niche.

Assess Guest Blogging Sites

After settling for the sites with most potential, connect with the owners, and learn about their quality and community. You can conduct your assessment by checking out previous posts, domain authority, their subscribers and followers on social media.

With this information, you can pitch guest topics to several sites and, when given a chance to write, produce a killer guest post to attract plenty of readers.

Attend Conferences

Video conferences are a bit like hosting webinars apart from the difference that you will be an attendee. It does not matter what industry you are in; the chances are that there will always be at least several conventions and conferences relevant to your business every once in a while. This is perhaps one of the most complex Clickbank affiliate traffic secrets.

Attending such events is a very good idea for someone who is business-minded. Mostly, they are held by business people who have succeeded in a specific field and are trying to help others grow. Some conferences may be held by a micro-influencer whose words of advice may help you improve your website traffic.

Apart from attending conferences, it is even better when you speak at them. Decent speaking engagements with other attendees or even the host is a superb way to establish yourself and your website. Speaking up in conferences helps you build up your confidence and courage to speak to large crowds. You then practice this with webinars when marketing your products and services.

In conferences concerning your niche, you get exposure to other people in your field. It is a key networking opportunity. Having a big network benefits your business in many ways. You may go for advice from an expert you met at a conference. You may also find an interesting speaker to host in one of your webinars and help you attract more visitors to your website.

Attending conferences may seem like a weak strategy for generating traffic. However, good speakers who have their way with words can promote their services and products even as attendees at a conference.

Link Internally

If you are struggling to gain traffic, then you probably do not know about internal link building. It is the most powerful SEO strategy and one of the finest Clickbank affiliate traffic secrets you should implement immediately after reading this post.

An internal link links one page of your website to another. The way you link your pages creates your website’s architecture; an important factor web crawlers rely on. A web crawler is a type of bot whose purpose is to analyze and index the content of websites all over the internet. Its goal is to learn what every web page in a site is about so that when needed, information can be easily retrieved.

Web crawlers are like users or other bots visiting a site; they all need server resources. They make requests that the server can respond to. The response depends on whether the operator allows search indexing. Too much indexing can drive up bandwidth costs or overtax the server. Developers and companies may also be looking to hide some webpages.

A web crawler starts with a set of known webpages and follows hyperlinks from those pages to other pages, and so on. This information is essential in search indexing, which is almost similar to a catalog in the library. A librarian performs a task similar to that of a bot when he goes through disorganized books and comes up with a catalog to help categorize them.

A web crawler visits sites by passing between the links on pages. A web crawler collects information about a page such as meta tags, which is stored in the index. Google’s algorithm sorts them for their content words to be fetched later and ranked when a user searches on the search engine. Crawling is the first way search engines lock on to your pages.

Host Webinars

Webinars have increasingly become one of the most prominent ways when it comes to interacting and engaging with your audience on the internet. The main advantage of webinars is that absolutely anyone, from anywhere in the world can host or join and take part in a webinar as long as they have access to the internet.

As long as people are willing to take time out of their day and participate, hosting webinars allows you to distribute any kind of content to your target audience. Webinars can effectively deliver both short messages and long form educational and training content.

You can use traffic sources such as social media, blogging, email marketing, and affiliates for advertising your webinar to people who may be interested. Once the webinar ends, you will have everyone’s attention and can effectively promote anything from your social media to your website. They are simple and highly effective ways of informing your potential clients about the products or services your business offers.

If made use of correctly, you can use webinars as an advertising platform and bring new and interested visitors to your domain. Even so, you should ensure that you do not overload your audience with content. The title itself needs to be creative and catchy to persuade people to sign up and join.

Before a webinar, make sure that you send out a number of reminders to everyone over social media and email ahead of time. When creating a webinar, make sure that it fits your audience. Make sure that it is something interesting and valuable to them, otherwise, many will click off before it ends. Ask yourself this question, what does the audience get to walk away with from the webinar? What lesson have they learned and is there anything that they can act upon once the webinar has finished?

If possible, find an engaging speaker that interests the audience. Interesting speakers can help you to build a reputation for hosting valuable webinars, which will certainly boost traffic to your website and future online webinars. For every webinar you deliver, make sure that you record the whole session so that anyone that has missed it or couldn’t watch it live can easily go back and watch the whole thing.

Make Use of Micro-Influencers

Micro-influencers are individuals with between 1,000 to 1,000,000 followers or audience members. They can be bloggers, fitness guru, travelers, etc. who are considered experts in their respective fields. Leveraging micro-influencers, who are followed by your target audience, put your product or service in front of the right people – one of our favorite Clickbank affiliate traffic secrets.

Benefits of Using Micro-influencers

Higher engagement rates

Micro-influencers actively advocate for your brand since they can talk to their audience through their common pains. They do not simply post something and watch it disappear into their feeds. That kind of exposure helps your business sell its products and get new visitors.


For small brands, it is preferable to go for a micro-influencer rather than a celebrity influencer or endorser that will charge you thousands of dollars. Their affordability depends on the number of followers and engagement. Working with more than one micro-influencer casts a wider net to different personas.

Product reviews

When leveraged for reviews of your products on their social media and retailers, micro-influencers can be a great marketing asset. They can provide their own truthful opinions as being part of the seeding campaign of your product. You can also have them take over your Instagram or Facebook stories for a day to engage your audience.

Niche markets

Micro-influencers enable you to tap into your specific niches. They come in all shapes and sizes with a specific brand, area of expertise, and style. They tend to align themselves closely with an audience concerned with their interests. The best way to maximize the impact of a micro-influencer on your business is to consider one that is catering to your specific target. Exposing your content or product to audiences that will not buy is a waste of your money.

Paid Traffic

Paid traffic can boost almost any businesses’ exposure and conversions right away. Any website traffic that you pay for is referred to as paid traffic. It can be a website banner, a pay per click advert on YouTube, etc. The most popular form of paid advertising includes paid ads and pay per click traffic (PPC). Paid ad traffic is generated when users click on adverts, pop-ups, videos, and banners. PPC charges advertisers when they receive a click.

Advantages of Paid Traffic

There is no real free way to get traffic to your website or blog. Each of those “free” strategies takes plenty of your time. The advantages you get when you pay for traffic are:

Instant results

Paid traffic allows your products and services to get instant exposure, which is critical in fast-growing businesses. It does not take as much time as content marketing or social media marketing. If you cannot afford to wait for slow means of generating traffic, then pay for it and get fast results.

Targets a wide range of users

Some PPC networks offer 3rd party displays through which your adverts can be shown in millions of other websites. It results in massive exposure and an increase in your traffic as well as users you might struggle to find through other means of advertising.

Setup in a matter of minutes

A PPC or paid ad campaign is easy to set up. In just a few minutes, you can have it running and start receiving traffic on the same day. It offers much faster turnarounds and results.

Broadcast your message across multiple platforms

Today, nearly all social media platforms offer paid advertising. When you pay for traffic, you get a chance to make use of display banners on the Google Display Network or have text ads appear on other people’s searches on google.


The success of a website is determined by the amount of traffic you can amass. Above are different and yet easy strategies all website operators can try. You may excel in using a micro-influencer and fail in hosting a webinar. The best strategy should maximize your strengths.

The easiest and fastest way is to pay for traffic. It demands investment, but it is definitely worth it in the short and long run. Other means of generating traffic, such as hosting webinars, using internal links, and guest blogging are also great, however, the process in that case is much slower. It requires patience, but with lots of persistence, the changes to your website start becoming visible.

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