• 160 EDU Backlinks
  • 700+ Social Bookmarkings
  • Link Pyramid with anchor text
  • Link Wheel With Article Creation
  • Forum Signature Backlinks with anchor text
  • 3150 cheap backlinks to statistical sites and various domains
  • List of .gov and .edu backlinks

[box type=”info”]160 EDU Backlinks[/box]

  • 1-5 urls
  • 1-3 Keywords/Anchors per URL
  • ENGLISH letters only (no special symbols above/under the letters)
  • After payment you will be taken to a page where you enter your url’s and keywords.
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[box type=”info”]700+ Social Bookmarkings[/box]

Get more focused traffic, faster indexing on search engines, and higher page rankings on search engines. Web traffic targeted to your niche can result in much better conversion rates as those visiting your site will most likely be highly interested in what you have to offer.

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[box type=”info”]Link Wheel With Article Creation[/box]

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[box type=”info”]Forum Signature Backlinks With Anchor Text[/box]

Get general comments and forum signature backlinks built to your website. All links are:

  • With anchor text
  • Using generic keywords mixed in with the straight URL is the most effective (half anchor text, half straight url)
  • From different domains
  • Full report provided

Delivery time: Around 1-3 business days

Please send 1 URL/link+ max 3 keyword (long tail is ok) along with your payment.

Description of the service: Backlinks with anchor text for SEO. If you want to rank for the word “saving money” then you would get cheap backlinks to your website using this anchor text (adults sites are welcome).

This cheap backlinks service is also perfect for increasing Google page rank. For example a back link on a high page rank authority website using your keywords for anchor text.

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[box type=”info”]Link Pyramid: 300 High PR links + 5700 Verified Profile Links[/box]

The bottom layer: The largest part of the links comes from this part, making it the largest segment of the pyramid. The quality of these links might be lower as they are huge in numbers.

The third-last layer: This is the layer where the domain portfolio is put to work. The sites of the second layer get links from bottom levels.

Second layer or the Golden Crest: This is where we focus on quality of link building methods. The sites included in this layer are for prime time.

The top layer: This is the targeted money making website/sales page (your web page).

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[box type=”info”]MONSTER Link Pyramid: 300 High PR links + 5700 Verified Links + 30.000 More Links[/box]

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[box type=”info”]EXTREME MONSTER Link Pyramid: 106.000 Links[/box]

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[box type=”info”]3150 Cheap Backlinks[/box]

Our cheap backlinks service submits directly to a large variety of domain, whois, and DNS statistic web sites. These cheap backlinks sites are highly visible to the major search engines and will quickly spider, aggregate, and link to your web site, many within the same day of submission. Since these domain statistic web sites are frequently visited by the major search engines, you gain instant visibility to search engine robots, instant boosting of web site backlinks, and ultimately, increased traffic to your web site. (Adult sites are welcome.)

Note: Submitting top level domains works better than submitting a page. For example: www.yoursite.com works better than www.yoursite.com/about.html

  • Your order will be completed within 24 hours after payment
  • Especially powerful for brand new web sites
  • You WILL receive a detailed report
  • One-way, direct links to your web site
  • Boosting web site backlinks = Increased traffic
  • Delivery time: Around 1-3 business days
  • Very reliable backlinks supplier
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