Web Site Traffic From Several Sources

Where do you catch your business or web site traffic from? Is it hubpages? It is search engines are there ways you’ll be able to get web site traffic from several sources? These are all capital questions which new writers ask and ask again when they want to develop their business, or better yet build up … Read more

Real Traffic Source Resources – Other Than The Search Engines

Paid traffic like Pay Per Click traffic from AdWords or Yahoo Search Marketing has become very expensive. For a lot of competitive keywords, the costs can be as high as $20 per click and although this might sound mad to most marketers, the fact remains that there are advertisers paying this much and they won’t keep paying it if they aren’t getting an ROI further down the line.

We have introduced a few properties below for developing a steady stream of traffic “other than search engine traffic” to curb your dependency on one traffic source.

The more places you syndicate your content, the more possible that content has to reach more decision makes or searchers / evangelists in need. Good news travels fast and having the endorsement of someone who highly recommends your product or service can generate untold income in the end.

On that note, here are a few web properties produced solely for the purpose of syndication based on user generated content (meaning you can submit your articles, create landing pages and offers or share your links via social bookmarking) as long as you are tactful enough to create interesting and good content.

Content Sharing Web 2.0 Sites:


Places to Syndicate Posts:


Places to Syndicate EBooks:


Places to Syndicate RSS Feeds and content:


While 100s of sites exist in each category, the possibilities are almost endless if you expand your content development strategy. Keep in mind that these websites (a) have traffic (b) are syndicated themselves (via feeds and search engines and social media) and (c) can drive more crucial traffic to your website.

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Increase Holiday Sales With Targeted Website Visitors From A Real Traffic Source

Use targeted website visitors to:
Step-up уουr holiday sales! Yουr actual customers mау already know аbουt seasonal products οr promotions, bυt wіth our targeted website visitors, уου саn generate even more sales bу reaching a big number οf nеw buyers, fаѕt.

Build up уουr customer database. Crеаtе a targeted list οf consumers whο hаνе particular interest іn уουr products οr services. Once thе seasonal marketing brings nеw customers іn thе doorway, thеу wіll lіkеlу return аftеr thе holidays expanding уουr frequent customer database.

Wіth targeted website visitors, уου wіll bе аblе tο quickly аnd easily link customers directly tο уουr website. Point thеm tο special offers аnd seasonal promotions, οr сrеаtе targeted landing pages specifically custom-made tο holiday shoppers.

Bonuses such as vouchers, discounts and “Special Days” have proven successful for a lot of business owners. Providing a free item or service at a special time on a particular day is an offer potential customers are willing to post, share, tweet and text to all of their friends. Holding these special days on a regular day per month will go a long way towards expanding sales and building a truehearted customer base.

Holiday Only Items are a great way to move items available only in a controlled quantity or with holiday only package. When shopping only visitors have more alternatives and more options than when they visit a brick and mortar store. When going to a brick and mortar store the visitor must utilise their energy to go to the store, while shopping online the visitor is merely surfing the net from store to store looking for the finest offer for the same item. The best offer will usually include the best price for the item, the best price for sending, the fastest delivery, included amenities and the most best bells and whistles. When picking out what products to offer always explore your competition.

Remember, the holidays are about friends and family sharing laughs and blasts. Make the holidays sweet by providing your clients with more than just a purchase but a one of a kind experience and you’ll see your sales increase significantly!

Fοr more information аbουt using targeted website visitors tο expand уουr customer base аnd hike up sales thіѕ holiday season, please visit a real traffic source.

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Nine Fast And Easy Ways To Better The Trustworthiness Of Your Website

The trustworthiness of your website – or lack of, will cause the heaviest shock on your sales conversions, and at last, the success or failure of your site. Following are nine ways you’ll be able to better the trustworthiness of your website:

1. Buy a “real” domain name. For instance myproduct.com, as contrary to  myproduct.blogspot.com, or myproduct.homestead.com. Having your own web address name makes you appear more professional, and raises your trustworthiness.

2. Expose your contact information. If you sell products straight off your site, it’s crucial to show your contact information, as opposed to applying a contact form. If privacy is a concern, you will be able to use a service like the UPS Store for a physical shipping and mailing address.

3. Personalize your website. Allow for an “About Us” page. Besides, leave the names of the owner(s) and employees, if you have any. Make sure to include pictures and short biographies. The riskiest thing you can do is give the appearance you prefer to be anonymous, which obviously generates distrust.

4. Become verified. If you use PayPal for payment processing, make sure to expose the “PayPal Verified” logo.

5. Make certain your payment processing is secure. This includes a secure server, and a secure gateway. Make sure your clients payments are as protected as imaginable.

6. Use testimonials. Ask your customers for testimonials and permit to use their full name on your site. Also, testimonials that have contact information such as a website or e-mail address are a lot more believable than just “Sara U.”, New York, which looks bogus.

7. Provide a guarantee. If you offer a money back guarantee on your service or product, say so. Conversely, if you don’t, tell so. Understandably spell out the length of your guarantee, what it covers, and any other to the point details.

8. Clearly explain your privacy policy. If you collect personal information, tell people what you’re going to do with their information. They have aright to know.

9. Broadcast your professional qualifications. This includes professional certifications, awards, published articles and books, etc.

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Email Marketing Is A Great, Inexpensive Way To Reach The People On Your List

Email marketing is a great, inexpensive way to reach the people on your list. If done correctly, this type of marketing will take your business to the next level and bring a great ROI for years to come. Here are the most important things you can do to improve your email marketing.

Get better open rates
Are your emails getting opened? Before we get there, it might be good to know if you’re even tracking your email open rates. If not, start doing so immediately. Your email marketing provider should have this information available, and you should definitely start paying attention. Once you determine your rates, you’ll probably want to improve them. There are several reasons why your emails might not be getting to the inboxes of your prospects and/or not being getting opened.

Avoid SPAM words
If your emails contain a lot of SPAMrelated words (such as free, cheap, %, work-from-home, click-here, discount, coupon, special offer, limited time), chances are slim your prospects are even getting them. SPAM filters are becoming more and more sensitive, and they can remove your email before it even gets to the inbox. Try to avoid words that might sound like SPAM, even if you think you’ll be safe this time.

Subject Lines and Sender
Once your email gets through the SPAM filters, your readers have to decide whether or not to open it. The subject line and “from” address will be big factors in leading them to make that decision. Make sure that your subject lines are intriguing, but that they don’t over promise. Consumers have been jaded by companies promising the world and not delivering. Avoid sensational subject lines that claim “800% increase in sales” or “I lost 200 pounds in 1 week.” Besides being unbelievable, these subject lines probably wouldn’t make it past the SPAM filters. Be real, be convincing, be a little mysterious.

Subject lines are only half of the equation. Be sure that the “from” field is full of useful information, too. Typically, your company name is a good way to ensure recognition and trust. Personal names work too, provided that they are recognizable. Don’t insert a name that your prospects or customers won’t recognize. Avoid using “noreply” or “systems” addresses – these are not at all personal and are less likely to be opened.

Send Relevant Content
When you send an email, make sure the content is of value to your prospects. A valuable email could contain a special offer that appeals to the buyer, useful educational content, entertainment or content that gives requested information. Emails should also be sent to current lists. And your marketing isn’t relevant to people who didn’t ask for it. Don’t use outdated lists, purchased lists or lists that aren’t yours…that is a sure-fire recipe for SPAM complaints and poor open rates.

Sending out too many emails will make you a nuisance that ends up in the trash bin almost immediately. Waiting too long in between emails might cause your prospects to forget you, and will also land your “unrecognizable” email in the trash bin. Find a happy medium where you can stay in touch with prospects without bombarding them with daily emails. But the only way to know how often you should be sending is to ask your contacts. You may be in an industry where they want an email a day. Or maybe once a week is appropriate. Take a survey and find out what your contacts are looking for.

Make Sure Your Emails Are Interesting
Your emails should be interesting. This starts with the subject line, but it also includes the headline, design and content. It is important to be personal – think of your target audience as if they were sitting in a room with you. Be yourself, and be different. You have to differentiate yourself from the other emails sitting in that inbox. Email marketing is a good way to communicate with your list, but it isn’t always the best way to educate, entertain or sell. Including links to videos, podcasts, entertaining articles, social media campaigns, contests or surveys, however, is a great way to reinforce your message in a unique way. Don’t try to say it all in the email…use all of your resources together. Email is just a great way to get the word out. Different prospects respond to different forms of communication, so don’t be afraid to try different strategies.

Build your list with visitors from RealTrafficSource.com

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Around Fifty Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Website

Everyone knows traffic = money, so here’s 50 ways you can get more traffic to your website, affiliate offers, CPA campaigns etc. and hopefully make more money online: 1. Write and submit articles to the article directories. 2. Leave comments on other people’s blogs with a backlink to your site. 3. Answer people’s questions on http://www.answers.yahoo.com/. 4. … Read more

A Few Tweaks to Enhance Your Online Marketing Incomes

1. Use Google Alerts

You can sign up at google.com/alerts. Whatever time they index something with a keyword you want to be alarmed for – they will send you an e-mail letting you know about it. So if you are an expert in a certain topic, you can forever be “Johnny on the spot” and react to it.
People will imagine you are all-knowing… when you are just bright enough to use a cool free tool.

2. Use Digg.com for Headline Ideas

Digg is groovy because people vote on stories; hence the commonest stories generally have great headlines. You can go there and separate by “most diggs”. Here are a few cases we revealed in just a couple of secs:

“Is This the Natural Gas Century?”
“Black Man Wears Adolph Hitler t-shirt”
“Mother Breastfeeds 5 year old boy”

The techniques are instructive. The first one is a anticipation type headline. Could you apply a like-minded prediction headline in your niche? The other two are “incongruent” headlines, where two matters are put together that commonly aren’t see together. Could you use a similar strategy in your next headline?

3. Think Narrow

Among the finest ways to master your niche is to go after truly small niches. Internet
marketing is a big niche. Using WordPress in Internet marketing is a big niche as well. Using
WordPress specifically for affiliate marketing by setting up review sites is a narrow niche.
Easy to perforate, dominate and make sales from and become the “go to” in. Think narrow in your niche to get the fastest results.

4. Think Smaller, Not Larger

The problem virtually all people have is they would like to build a 5000 person list overnight. And they believe this for months, and wind up with a list of zero people.

So much better is to think something like this: “five a day”. Meaning five email list subscribers a day. In 1 year, that’s just about 2000 subscribers. Naturally you can say “5 a day for the first 180 days”. Then bump it up to ten a day.

By making smaller, more gettable goals, it assists you center and makes you actually go out and attack it, and achieve it.

Buy Cheap Web Site Visitors Now.

Bringing Targeted Traffic to Your Affiliate Link That Earns You Money

If there’s one thing that will easily step-up your power to make income advertising ClickBank products, it’s bringing targeted traffic to your affiliate link.

traffic to affiliate links

Targeted traffic to your affiliate link can mean the difference between shoveling in cash hand over fist or fighting to bring forth a commission occasionally.

There are an assortment of formulas both free and paid that you’ll be able to apply to get targeted visitors to click on your affiliate links, but the most efficient way to do it without paying any out of pocket expense is with article marketing.

Article marketing gives you the opportunity to truly apply on page search engine optimization in such a way that your content can easily outrank and attract a lot more traffic than your rivals.

There are 4 arenas that you should center on when publishing articles for seo that will rise your search engine rating through the roof and make you income simultaneously.

These are:

  • Titles
  • Headlines
  • Anchor Text
  • Related Keywords

Let’s talk about the title of your articles in brief. When you craft the title for your article it’s better to let in your primary keyword as close to the start of your title as possible.

When the search engine crawlers come to analyse the info in your article, your title will in a flash give them an idea of what your article is about.

In addition to knowing what your article is about, your keyword fat title is the clickable link that seekers will see when they’re searching the info you’re providing.

Make them wish to click the link

Headlines are intimately intertwined with your titles. An effective article title will read like a becharming headline that causes your reader have that “aha! that’s what I am looking for” effect.

The key to making your article lucrative for you is to deliver on what your title is proposing.

Off page search engine optimization is a leading element for acquiring targeted traffic to your web site and getting high search engine rankings.

In order to gain the most profit from your article marketing efforts it’s crucial to make sure that you include your primary keyword in your anchor text.

This is the link that people will click on after having studied your article in order to travel to the site of the affiliate product you are advertising.

Next, it’s a fine idea to sprinkle associated keywords throughout your article so that the search engines acknowledge for sure that your article content is related to the enquiry of the searcher and will deliver it up on the first page for your chosen keyword.

Granted there is no such thing as utterly free traffic because you’ll either pay with time or money, but if you are just getting started and working your way up to paid methods, writing SEO fertile articles can help you in acquiring targeted traffic to your affiliate link.

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