Buy Quality Backlinks To Derive Maximum SEO Benefit

Are you one of those webmasters who have built a website with excellent content but are still not able to attract regular traffic? You sit alone with your fingers crossed hoping that the search engines show some mercy and send some traffic your way. You are not alone, there are thousands of such Webmasters who have created excellent content but receive no traffic. Search engines such as Google have been preaching to Webmasters to create excellent content and the traffic will follow. But the greed of search engines has taken a priority over quality content. It can be said that search engines have forced webmasters to buy backlinks.

Even a cursory search for some of the popular terms shows that creating excellent content is not enough. To get organic traffic, you need to invest in search engine optimization and you need to buy backlinks. There are over 200 factors which are considered by Google for their ranking algorithm. One of the most important factors in this algorithm is the number of backlinks and more importantly the quality of backlinks. To succeed, one needs to buy backlinks.

All back links are not created equal. There are all kind of spam services available on the Internet today which claim to built thousands of back links with the help of softwares. But are they effective? The answer is a big no. The truth is that bad quality backlinks can actually hurt your website. Negative SEO is a bitter fact and to help fight against negative SEO, Google has introduced disavow tool for the webmasters wherein one can discard such backlinks by submitting a report in the webmasters tools.

Before you decide to buy backlinks, you should look at the quality of backlinks provided. There are many different kind of links you can buy. We provide below different kind of backlinks which can be built for your website. We provide services for all these kinds and make it very easy for you to buy backlinks.

Social Bookmarks

There are many social bookmarking websites such as Digg, StumbleUpon, Fark, Newsline, Twitter, Facebook. These websites play an important role in overall SEO strategy. Back links from these social bookmarking sites have a lot of weight and help in faster indexing of content as well as help with ranking.

Author Profile Links

These back links were very popular in the last few years. These back links are also known as Angela and Paul backlinks. There are many websites which allow anyone to create an account alongwith an author profile. In the author profile space is provided to link to a website of one’s choice. Most of these websites have very high page rank. The link placed on the author profiles do not get the benefit of the root page rank of the domain but some link juice definitely flows from the root domain to these author profiles. These type of bank links should also be a part of overall backlink package.

.EDU and .GOV backlinks

Google has stated that old websites present on the web have higher authority and therefore the back links created from these websites provide higher authority as compared to other websites on the Internet. Therefore these kind of websites have become very popular amongst the Webmasters. Even though, the backlinks available from these sites are not from the root domain but nevertheless they provide the required authority and trust which is very important in the eyes of search engines.

Web 2.0 backlinks

Web 2.0 back links have become very popular in these years. There are literally thousands of such websites on the Internet. One can very easily create an account and start one’s own mini website there. There are a lot of packages available in the market for creating Web 2.0 back links. But the difference here is in the quality of the mini website created on these Web 2.0 services.

Most other services out there spam these websites with spammy content which is not human readable and even a cursory glance on such websites will show that this mini website has been created for the sole purpose of generating backlinks. Such spammy Web 2.0 backlinks do not carry much weight in the eyes of search engines. To distinguish a good quality Web 2.0 backlink, it is important to place quality content on these websites.

The Web 2.0 back links created the right way will provide excellent boost to your website. These can be used on a brand-new website or on an old website. We provide a lot of such packages to buy backlinks.

High Page Rank Back Links

These back links are the holy grail of  search engine optimization. Since Google gives a lot of weight to  the quality of back links, high page rank backlinks are alone capable  of ranking a website for the desired keywords. Many providers out there claim to provide these kind of backlinks but one should be wary of  such back links for a low price.

These kind of back links require service providers to invest a lot of money in quality  domains and quality content creation. These websites look like normal  websites but they exist for the sole purpose of providing a high page rank  backlink. In the past few months, Google has gone  after many such providers of high Page Rank back links which shows that  these kind of back links are very effective at what they do.
It is recommended to include these type of backlinks when you decide to buy backlinks.

Combination of Back Links

Organization of back links is almost as important as the backlinks themselves. There are many different ways to organize backlinks. Some of the most popular ways to organize backlinks are links wheels and link pyramids.

Links Wheels

In this process, a number of Web 2.0 websites are created with quality content. Each website links to the next website and they form a link wheel in a circular fashion. These Web 2.0 websites contain a backlink to the next Web property and one backlink to the money site.

The links created in this manner are more powerful than backlinks created in a haphazard way. But links wheels alone are not powerful enough as this strategy has been exploited to a great extent by Webmasters. To effectively extract link juice from these Web 2.0 websites, one should also create back links to these Web 2.0 properties. This brings us to link pyramids.

Link Pyramids

Link Pyramids are comparatively a recent creation in the field of search engine optimization. The way these link pyramids work is by creation of layers of back links. The first layer of back links is the highest quality of domains which contain a direct link to the money site. The content on these high quality websites should be of very high quality and relevant to the topic of the website.

Once the first-tier of backlinks is finished, a second tier of backlinks is created which only links to the first tier of backlinks. This provides a boost to the first tier of backlinks which translates into higher SEO juice from the first tier to the money website. On this layer, the quality of content is not that important.

The third layer or the bottom layer of backlinks is created to provide a boost to the second layer of back links. Quality of these backlink is much lower but their job is to provide boost to the second layer as well as to help in indexing the second layer of back links. Normally, this layer of back links will contain the highest number of back links in the total package.

As mentioned earlier, such an optimization has become a tough business these days. Just putting out good content on the Internet does not attract visitors. Therefore, it has become important to buy back links.

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