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Skimlinks is a platform that monetizes content for online publishers who have specialized in in-text, contextual advertising. This company came into existence in 2007, London. It has two co-founders from Australia, namely; Joe Stepniewski and Alicia Navarro. Many bloggers and publishers use Skimlinks to get their content out there and earn money. In order to get more targeted traffic to Skimlinks blogs and make more money with Skimlinks, there are a few things you should put into consideration.

traffic to skimlinks blogs

Code Installation

When your site has been approved for Skimlinks, you have to install the system. Lack of system installation may result in Skimlinks not being able to change your links into affiliate links. Before posting links, make sure to install the code at the footer of your site. This process helps you be able to earn your commissions. it also will help you bring traffic to Skimlinks blogs.

Find A Good Product Match

It is dependent on different niches. Choosing the right product for your audience is critical since there are over 180,000 merchants out there. To find the right product for your audience, you have to; GO THE D’OH WAY. It means use common sense. For example, if you’re a blogger on fashion, go ahead and pick the “fashion and accessories” category. It prevents you from advertising products to uninterested people.

Catch Your Readers By Surprise

You can find exciting products that are somehow related to your niche. You don’t have to in possession of them. Advertise these products on your page for readers. It brings curiosity in them while they brush through your blog. You can use a plugin such as “Datafeedr Random Ads.”It helps you show random ads on your page. Also, after mentioning a product on your page, make sure to add a link on the retailer shop so your readers can find it. Verify that the link goes straight to the product and not to the product’s homepage. performing the above will help you bring traffic to Skimlinks blogs.

Imagine It

When writing about certain products, make sure to insert images that will assist in showcasing the product. It is essential because it helps readers be able to imagine owning the property or products. It may even make them look for it because they saw the image. Skimlinks offers tools to add pictures. Make sure to utilize this so as t get more market and customers.

Create A shopping Page

Creating a page of purchase helps you earn a little bit of money. It helps your friends or family make online purchases that they would make anyway. It may not be that necessary, but it adds a few bucks for you.


As much as Skimlinks works for some people, others prefer Skimwords. The Skimwords technology can scan for specific product references. It helps find a target and links the buyer to the product and the most relevant retailer selling it. Skimwords would assist in the search for an affiliate product references even if you forgot to link. You can actuate Skimwords in your publisher interface.

Use Pinterest And Increase Traffic To Skimlinks blogs

If you have created a shopping page, add shopping images, and pin them to Pinterest. For more security, you can use those images to your site first, then add them to Pinterest. There being many people using pinterest, this will enable you bring more traffic to Skimlinks blogs.

Skimlinks Referral Program

You can use Skimlinks banner so that your viewers can know that you may benefit from any links on your blog. You can also earn 35% of what another publisher makes in a year if you refer them and they decide to use it. Apart from skimlinks banner, you can also use disclosure badges, text, and custom banner ads that have were created for you.

To be able to earn that 35% yearly commission, make sure the person you refer to, clicks on the affiliate link before visiting the sign-up page.

Reporting API

Reporting API gives you the ability to know what is working and what isn’t working. As a monetized blogger, this aspect of Skimlinks helps you know your progress. For example, when it comes to your commissioned links, it helps you know which links people are clicking on and which ones aren’t. It can assist you in targeting particular merchants or products. These great reporting tools keep getting better with time.

Use Social Media

Skimlinks URL shortener can help you make money by having links to be referenced outside your website. In social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, email newsletters, RSS feed and even in print. When somebody clicks on your link and purchases an item, it helps you earn a commission out of it. It just works in the same way that Skimlinks does on your website. The URL shortener will help you bring traffic to Skimlinks blogs because people will share the link on social media.

Search Widgets

It is another that you can be able to earn commissions on the sales that you influence. “search widgets” increase your potential for a fee. Skimlinks have search widgets from eBay and Amazon. You can profit through search widgets if one your audience members purchase through the online retailer associated with the widget.

Merchant Scoop

Having over 18,000 merchants, they constantly updating and offering deals. You can share these deals with your audience especially the ones having a higher commission rate. The Merchant Scoop helps you get these deals every time they come out, newsletters and deals are posted. It helps you get the latest scoop and deals once they come out.

Learning Center

When you are experiencing any problems or difficulties when using Skimlinks, “Learning Center” offers help to all Skimlink users. It helps in solving your problems with the multiple resources like approval process, all the way to optimizing your account.


A section for readers’ discussion on your site is relevant. It helps the users get involved in your writing. It can also potentially earn you more commission. Knowing what your readers love or hate about writing is important for you to know your target topics when writing.

Use Skimlinks As Forum Signature

It provides an image to advertise Skimlinks beautifully. Good backlinks helps in bringing more people to Skimlinks. It is easy, hands-free, creative and profitable. It helps in bringing more traffic to skimlinks blogs.

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