A Few Tweaks to Enhance Your Online Marketing Incomes

1. Use Google Alerts

You can sign up at google.com/alerts. Whatever time they index something with a keyword you want to be alarmed for – they will send you an e-mail letting you know about it. So if you are an expert in a certain topic, you can forever be “Johnny on the spot” and react to it.
People will imagine you are all-knowing… when you are just bright enough to use a cool free tool.

2. Use Digg.com for Headline Ideas

Digg is groovy because people vote on stories; hence the commonest stories generally have great headlines. You can go there and separate by “most diggs”. Here are a few cases we revealed in just a couple of secs:

“Is This the Natural Gas Century?”
“Black Man Wears Adolph Hitler t-shirt”
“Mother Breastfeeds 5 year old boy”

The techniques are instructive. The first one is a anticipation type headline. Could you apply a like-minded prediction headline in your niche? The other two are “incongruent” headlines, where two matters are put together that commonly aren’t see together. Could you use a similar strategy in your next headline?

3. Think Narrow

Among the finest ways to master your niche is to go after truly small niches. Internet
marketing is a big niche. Using WordPress in Internet marketing is a big niche as well. Using
WordPress specifically for affiliate marketing by setting up review sites is a narrow niche.
Easy to perforate, dominate and make sales from and become the “go to” in. Think narrow in your niche to get the fastest results.

4. Think Smaller, Not Larger

The problem virtually all people have is they would like to build a 5000 person list overnight. And they believe this for months, and wind up with a list of zero people.

So much better is to think something like this: “five a day”. Meaning five email list subscribers a day. In 1 year, that’s just about 2000 subscribers. Naturally you can say “5 a day for the first 180 days”. Then bump it up to ten a day.

By making smaller, more gettable goals, it assists you center and makes you actually go out and attack it, and achieve it.

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